Monday, May 11, 2009

The woods.

I wish I was in a country that had woods, when I was in Sweden, I have SUCH amazing memories. Like when I was four, I went to Sweden and had my birthday party there- we had a party in the woods, I felt like a mythical, ethereal creature, and now I feel so nostalgic, and every time I have returned, I fall in love with the woods all over again. Toadstools, dark green, the cover of the sloping trees, the blanket of green on the floor...I love it all. Seeing as under the sea is rather difficult to photograph in these days I think that if there was one place I would love to take photos, it would be the woods,
Then the beach.
Then in a field somewhere
Then at a historical university...
An amazing woods related song- CHECK.
au revoir.

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Ellie said...

You don't have woods in Australia? At least you have gorgeous beaches.