Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Cup o' tea, governor?

I stumbled across this old photo the other day. It has my friend Emma ( who is british), me and then my friend Bridget. We just call Emma britan. SO when we went away for school camp last year, the three of us were amongst the small percentage of people who had a cup of tea every day. Bridget and I laughed at Emma about it - because of her british-ness.... so a photo had to be taken ( looking so posh with the tea in MUGS-well, I suppose a little bit of Australian-ism had to be included somehow).

Sorry about the lack of fashion related blogs of late- I actually have three blogs all lined up to write! One about fashion week - Erin Featherstone! drools!-, one about my clothing items in which I wish to buy, and one about the most amazing discovery of Hannah Murray ( CASSIE FROM SKINS) being in the new Lula , as well as one of my favourite models dujoir, Chanel Iman. -they will be up soon!

au revoir,

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


SUNDAY! yes...SUNSHINE? no... SHINY S T O C K I N G S ? ..yess!!

Sunday was such a lovely day. To escape the rain a few friends of mine and I decided to visit my favourite place in all of Sydney- the aquarium. As one of my friends so kindly poined out " I think you have an aquarium obsession" after talking about how amazing it is for an uncomforatbly scopious amount of time. So I wont go on about it here- but there will be pictures. I got many happy snaps of the seahorses!
But all this aquarium buisness aside, after leaving, we just hung around the city where... I bought these! I'm not too sure how well they appear in the pictures, but they are a fine fish net type stocking with little silver shiny pieces in them! They look so lovely in the sunshine... or in the moonlight. I love them, I really do. They kind of (once again stealing from this girls wardrobe- I think shes been mentioned in my past three blogs) remind me of Cassies on Skins... but hers are knee highs and hers are more colourful. I can see these being beautiflly matched with a romantic, white, vintage nightgown dress with lots of loose pleating and some delicate embellisments. I have to search for such a dress, however!
At the moment I am way excited as I just found out that the eight issue of Lula magazine is out this week in the U.S. it should be making its way here in the next week or so so I am absolutley estatic!and check out the front cover!

Can anyone say : Lilac and Luella = LOR, ( me) which according to this cover also equals:


Saturday, February 14, 2009

dream a little dream of me.

L a s t N I G H T :

I was just searching through Grammy fashion files and I came across one of the best things known to man... ( as per my habit, maths) ::::
Zooey Deschanel ( i.e my most favourite actress-and has been for many years-, fashion icon , and amazing singer in one of my favourite bands- she and him)
Luella Barlett ( i. e. Creator to my second favourite label -second after chanel- Luella! whoose designs are completely impeccable, being majorly quirky, while also being dreamily romantic and femine at the same time. Luella was, before she became a desginer, my role model in Fashion Journalism. She was exccedingly prominent in the fashion publishing world, working in high powered positions for Vogue, Vogue Paris, and dased and confused .)

= BEST ON RED CARPET. Never has there been a better match since Karl Lagerfeld and Irina Lazarenau.

( I believe if you refer to my fashion blog on myspace, you will see that I reviewed the Luella s/s 08 range, proclaiming this dress (on Zooey) my favourite of them all. And that collection my favourite of fasion week. That could also explain my excitement.)

au revoir.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

dear L O V E R :

L O V E R !
The most amazing Australian brand, Lover have released thier new S/S 09 collection ( for the northern hempisphere of course) and Im utterly in love with it! Its the perfect mix of seventies preppy schoolgirl and sailors. It has a sweet, romantic, yet incredibly light air to it. I can just see myself at a pretty picnic in a park drinking ice tea and making daisy chains in summer in these clothes.
I have ALWAYS wanted a hat like this! and hopefully I can get one now when they are in store in march? And I think we all know about my uncanny love for the sailor tops and sailor dresses.
These are some shots from the website, but I couldnt get all my favourite shots, so check out the pale blue sailor top and the black and white sailor dress on the website at : The colelction is called: SACRED HEARTS COLLEGE.

Au revoir.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Lilac! + stripes.

(sorry Ive been a but neglectful this week, I just started year eleven, which means more school for me! but today...)

I got the most amazing H A T !( and a striped T-shirt).

I went to the previously mentioned ( in one of my most early blogs) Surry Hills markets and I had a great old time, I didn't really buy all that much, it wasn't great this time, but I bought an absolutely adorable mint green sailor -type top ( not anywhere near amazing as the one Cassie has on skins, in the last episode of season one- seen below)


a pastel coral skirt, and one thing not from the markets, but purchased today ( and it was far too expensive, so my bank account is suffering!) is the amazing velvet skirt- also featured on a past blog-.
I got all these in conjunction with the stripey top and the hat (both seen in picture). I'm pretty sure its one of those finds where you get comments like " I think I had a hat like that once... when I was five!"
but I absolutely love it! I'm off to a party now, so sorry about the rushed and rugged blog entry this is .

au revoir, simone.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Another stripe related post.

How I L O V E s t r i p e s.

I'm not too really sure why I do so much, it may have somthing to do with the fact that they relate so well to nautical themes, which I always adore. Somthing about them makes me tick, and in the past few months I have grown so incredibly fond to them.

So I sit here, proclaiming my love for stripes, thinking all the while that I am slightly delayed with the stipes admiration, (seeing as I remember about three or four years ago, stripes were the "it" thing, especially the green and white striped hoodies ( from BONDS, maybe?), and for me, I wasnt so fond of them at the time, probably due to the fact that everyone was wearing them.) but all the while it seems I am ever more fashionable as I thought. VOGUE named stripes and geometric prints ( yay for polka dots/stripe combinations!) are one of the top 25 most prominent trends of 2009.

All due to the lovely D& G, with their rendition of 1940s bathing suits ( and all things nautical) inspired collection, which was full of stripes!

A post about stripes? random, why yes.

I guess this was all brought on about the excitement of my swedish sweater which im assuming it will take at least 10 days to reach me, if not longer... but im patient.
au revoir.