Thursday, February 12, 2009

dear L O V E R :

L O V E R !
The most amazing Australian brand, Lover have released thier new S/S 09 collection ( for the northern hempisphere of course) and Im utterly in love with it! Its the perfect mix of seventies preppy schoolgirl and sailors. It has a sweet, romantic, yet incredibly light air to it. I can just see myself at a pretty picnic in a park drinking ice tea and making daisy chains in summer in these clothes.
I have ALWAYS wanted a hat like this! and hopefully I can get one now when they are in store in march? And I think we all know about my uncanny love for the sailor tops and sailor dresses.
These are some shots from the website, but I couldnt get all my favourite shots, so check out the pale blue sailor top and the black and white sailor dress on the website at : The colelction is called: SACRED HEARTS COLLEGE.

Au revoir.


Vanitylife said...

i so badly want the 3rd dress the black one... its amazing

Feather Fleurette said...

oh i know isnt is amazing! but my afvourite is the black and white sailor dress in the lookbook.

Lady Melbourne said...

The ripped stockings remind me of my youth, courtney love and hanging out at the mall...lovely selections darling, you have a great eye.