Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Cup o' tea, governor?

I stumbled across this old photo the other day. It has my friend Emma ( who is british), me and then my friend Bridget. We just call Emma britan. SO when we went away for school camp last year, the three of us were amongst the small percentage of people who had a cup of tea every day. Bridget and I laughed at Emma about it - because of her british-ness.... so a photo had to be taken ( looking so posh with the tea in MUGS-well, I suppose a little bit of Australian-ism had to be included somehow).

Sorry about the lack of fashion related blogs of late- I actually have three blogs all lined up to write! One about fashion week - Erin Featherstone! drools!-, one about my clothing items in which I wish to buy, and one about the most amazing discovery of Hannah Murray ( CASSIE FROM SKINS) being in the new Lula , as well as one of my favourite models dujoir, Chanel Iman. -they will be up soon!

au revoir,


Nice and Shiny said...

Aww, I love Cassie! Def by favourite character on skins. Can't wait to see the scans!


Vanitylife said...

hahahahah cassie is the love of my life.. i would marry her if it was legal .. i may have to go to canada for that .. hahah

Anonymous said...

No Natasha you cannot have Hannah Murray! I claimed her as soon as the first season aired on SBS. Haha
I cannot wait for this blog about Hannah though, I have seen her in a few magazine shoots before and they're wonderful (and french!)