Sunday, February 27, 2011

U n i !

I start U n i v e r s i t y today!
I am very excited today as I have my first lecture! Anyone who doesn't know (or cares) I am going to Sydney University to study Media and communications ( other words journalism).
I worked all through high school to reach the goal of getting into this course so I am super, super excited to finally start my degree.
My first lecture is at 4pm, pretty random time but I'm pumped nevertheless.

au revoir!

Monday, February 21, 2011

D i a n a !

D i a n a !

Last Christmas I got a Diana mini so I spent all of last summer snapping away. I then spent the rest of the year looking for the cheapest deal on where to get my film developed...
I finally did get it developed last week and I like how they turned out!
They make me so nostalgic- I remember where and when I took every single photo this time last year.

A u Revoir!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

saddle shoes!

R a c h e l A n t o n o f f
fuels my
s a d d l e s h o e

My brogues (above)

This is a mini outfit post in the hopes of making up for not blogging lately--- I've been pretty much in bed sick for the past two weeks, I had a virus.
On a happier note, summer is almost over here, and I'm starting university next week how exciting! It's due to this that I've started thinking about autumn/ winter-ey, flat shoes that I can wear to uni and the first thing that came to mind was a pair of beautiful brogues (Tennesse Thomas is much to blame!)

So yesterday I was with my best friends around china town and I found the perfect pair of brogues! They are reminiscent of saddle shoes which is a plus, and the colour is just what I wanted. I had to get them. I also liked that they reminded me of Rachel Antonoff's collaboration with shoe brand Bass shoes (pictured below and modeled by ms. Thomas herself).

These shoes are featured in Rachel Antonoff's A/W 2011 collection as well. If you haven't already seen the collection (which she previewed by throwing a mock prom in a high school auditorium in New York) I suggest looking it over- the clothes are just so beautiful, and the idea of having a mock prom...amazing!

I'll do a post about it soon, I already have a full folder full of pictures of my favourite trombone printed pieces from the collection...but for now I'll give you a preview of the beautiful saddle shoes she dressed the prom- going models in!

au revoir!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

s t r u m m e r

S t r u m m e r A/W 2011

is a label that I've only recently came across and I must say I'm hooked! I am a huge, huge fan of Southern Hemisphere fashion houses (possibly because I'm Australian and they appear to my aesthetic more?) and Strummer is a lovely little Australian label.
Their last collection had some really great pieces (plaid ruffle dresses!) but I love absolutely everything in this seasons' lookbook. These are my favourite looks from the rather large collection...I especially love all the white dresses and the blue printed pieces!
I love the 60's vibe of the collection, and the juxtaposition of all the delicate lace pieces with the leather and more structured skirts and dress silhouettes. Everything is just so wearable while at the same time being quirky and individualistic...
The styling is great, too! Those shoes (which are for sale by Strummer) and the socks! So amazing! I hope I'll be able to save up and afford at least one piece from this pretty much flawless collection.

au revoir!

Friday, February 4, 2011


Little B l a c k + w h i t e dresses!

Images: Lula magazine

I finally got around to buying Lula issue 11 yesterday, and my lord was it worth the wait!
I was so happy to see all the editorials I've been stalking online in the flesh, and I love Rodarte, so Kate and Laura Mulleavy guest-editing was definitely my cup of tea...but more on Lula later.
The one thing from issue 11 that inspired me the most was Rachel Antonoff's beautiful article "White Chalk" about white dresses.

I started thinking about how much I really do love a white dress. They are, perhaps my favourite colour to wear in a dress, besides pale blue. Something about a beautiful white dress simultaneously labels the wearer romantic and haunting when done right. I then started to think about the white dresses' counterpart, the black dress. When I say black dress I don't mean a 'LBD' tight mini dress...but a dress that has the potential to be as whimsical and romantic as the white dress.

So here is my list of favourite Black and White dresses!
1. Black dress from Duskin. I have the flat lay image of the dress and have made collages from it before because it has such a beautiful, simple shape with interesting textured fabrication.

2. White dress from Secret Squirrel. T
his dress is just about my favourite Secret Squirrel dress ever. It also comes in black, which is beautiful as well...but the white is basically perfection. The bell sleeves, the lace insertion, the subtle waist, the floaty skirt, the silhouette, ah! It's just my kind of dress. On second thought, this may be my favourite dress. Ever.
3. Black dress from Lover. How amazing is this dress!? This is the very height of whimsy. The sleeves alone make me want to attend a pagan ritual in haunted grounds. It reminds me of something Stevie Nicks would love to wear on stage while singing Rhiannon, which is always a good sign in my book! Unfortunately it's far too expensive for me, valued at over one thousand dollars :(

4. TBA white dress. This is just about the most perfect Edwardian-inspired white dress...I also love the printed version of this dress. I've been deliberating buying it since the collection aired so maybe that's a sign I should take the plunge and invest?

5. Black dress from Lover. This is the 'ritual pin tuck dress' which is from my favourite Lover collection, Lovebomb. I think this dress officially names Lover the best go-to brand for black dresses. It is so simple and sweet but at the same time not too 'little girl' due to the midnight shade of it which is just perfect.

6. White dress from Strummer. Strummer is quickly becoming one of my new favourite Australian labels. The latest collection is so amazing (blog soon on it!) This whole outfit is just me all over. The pin tucks on the sleeves, the buttons down the bodice and the general silhouette make me so curious at to this price of this beauty...this would also make an amazing investment piece!

a u r e v o i r !