Thursday, February 10, 2011

s t r u m m e r

S t r u m m e r A/W 2011

is a label that I've only recently came across and I must say I'm hooked! I am a huge, huge fan of Southern Hemisphere fashion houses (possibly because I'm Australian and they appear to my aesthetic more?) and Strummer is a lovely little Australian label.
Their last collection had some really great pieces (plaid ruffle dresses!) but I love absolutely everything in this seasons' lookbook. These are my favourite looks from the rather large collection...I especially love all the white dresses and the blue printed pieces!
I love the 60's vibe of the collection, and the juxtaposition of all the delicate lace pieces with the leather and more structured skirts and dress silhouettes. Everything is just so wearable while at the same time being quirky and individualistic...
The styling is great, too! Those shoes (which are for sale by Strummer) and the socks! So amazing! I hope I'll be able to save up and afford at least one piece from this pretty much flawless collection.

au revoir!

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