Tuesday, September 28, 2010

s p r i n g inspiration!

P a s t e l s !
*my favourite outfit from Secret Squirrel's latest collection 'Deep Blue Sea"
I really think spring is the perfect time to bring out the beautiful pastels in Lilac (the perfect spring colour), blush, powder blue, pink, Grey and cream.
Here are a few images which I hope will greatly impact upon my spring wardrobe!
*the beautiful girls of Australian blog "So much to tell you" Just look at those perfect pastel outfits!
*Pulling off epitome of 'effortless chic', the film queen and all around goddess Sofia Coppola

*TBA dress from a past collection
*Antler deer! What an amazing picture (very pastel-haha)*looks from my current obsession TwentySevenNames' collection "twelve". I LOVE the lilac knitted sweater!

*Mui Mui I believe? Another amazing chunky knit sweater for those colder spring days, much like today!*And my favourite Caitlin Shearer painting, what a beautiful woman that Caitlin Shearer is!

au revoir!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Fearsome Five

TWENTY S E V E N NAMES w i n t e r 2 0 11
TwentySevenNames is a label that I have blogged about so many times before. To me, Rachel Easting and Anjali Stewart (the designers) can do no wrong. I mean, just look at the clothes! I love not only the clothes themselves, but the twentysevennames 'girl' who is a mix of understated cool and feminine playfulness, I believe.
Their winter collection "the fearsome five" is based on 90's subcultures- geeks, grunge kids and preppy 'clueless' type gals. I even hear that the hair for the runway show (below) was inspired by the girls of the ever popular 90's 90210 (I can see that).
I love how in this collection, Rachel and Anjali have stayed true to their simplistic, muted and subtle aesthetic but mixed it up a bit with brighter prints (very 90's) and a darker pallete (it is winter of course).
I love how TwentySevenNames lookbooks always have a band of beautiful girls modelling the clothes, rather than just one. I just think it's such an innovative and fresh take on marketing a collection- it certainly draws me in! This season's lookbook has only five girls (as opposed to the ten or so that featured in the s/s 10 "twelve" collection lookbook) and each shot features a certian colourway (white, black, prints) which I think is really smart. The clothes, girls and photos just look so amazing!

I am trying really hard to not be as inspired by this collection right now, as today we had a lovely 25 degree spring day! 'Twelve" has a much more "spring" vibe to me!
Just as a side note, sorry about the lame blogging, I have three weeks until the HSC. This is what one would call CRUNCH TIME. So I won't be able to blog much. I have my last exam in the first week of November, so expect amazing blogging then!
au revoir! Thanks for reading :)

Friday, September 3, 2010

spring has sprung!

S p r i n g !
It's a little bit difficult to believe that I am as excited about the arrival of spring as I am, considering the fact that it has rained the past three days...but I couldn't be happier for the change of season! This winter has been the coldest Australian winter in 16 years so it has been very unpleasant for me and my holistically weather inappropriate wardrobe. Recently I have found myself having a few make-believe online shopping trips, wishing and wishing that I could afford my three favourite spring collections du jour:

i/ T w e n t y - s e v e n n a m e s - t w e l v e !This collection I have rambled on about before, but seriously it is just beautiful. It's allure just grows on me every time I look at the collection. I could actually buy at least six of the dresses, I love them so much! My favourite is the nude dress to the left of the first picture followed by the white to the right of the same picture. I would love to fill my spring wardrobe with a colour pallete of nude, lilac and white.

ii/ S e c r e t S q u i r r e l - D e e p B l u e S e a !This is I think my favourite SS collection to date! I love the simple silhouettes paired with the printed fabrics. The whole collection just looks beautiful and fresh...I love the blue dress in the first picture, the collared blouses and all the pleated skirts/dresses ( An SS classic!) The whole collection is perfect for summer! I just love the juxtaposition of all the white and the navy blues in summer- gorgeous!

iii/ T B A - a / w 2 0 1 0 !I think the newest TBA collection is the one which I am going to end up forking out the money for, the dresses are just too perfect (and not as expensive as TSN) Although it is an a/w collection, I think that most of these dresses are pretty much transcendent of all seasons and years. The dresses are inspired by 'Edwardian Tea Parties' which pretty much has me written all over it. For a long time I considered buying the olive green "Flo" coat which is beautiful but then I moved my interests to the crem de la crem of the collection---the mushroom "Evelyn" dress.
As of now, however, I think I have to make the choice between the navy blue or the emerald green velvet dress with the white organza collar. I wouldn't mind paying the money for such a beautiful and timeless piece which I would wear for years to come