Sunday, August 30, 2009

A n t h o n y C a p o n

(image from official project runway Australia website)
For anyone who lives in Australia and have been tuning in on PROJECT RUNWAY AUSTRALIA, you would know how amazing Anthony Capon is. I have watched this episode twice already just so I can look again and again at his little mini collection. As always in PR, there is a challenge and this weeks was to create three summer ready- wear-outfits in twelve hours,with the help of three design students. Anthony used his quirky aesthetic to make these three amazing outfits, I would wear all three in a heartbeat. I especially love the little jumpsuit with the adorable golden bow top half and the little white cotton top. I loved one of his assistants too, Jas was her name ( she is modelling the jumpsuit), she has the most gorgeous hair and look, shes a little bit of style inspiration also.
Granny Chic, he called the collection. I would have to agree, but instead of 'granny chic' I would label this the best thing to come out of project runway in a long time. He is simply amazing, I hope he wins so he can start his own line and I can save up my moneys and buy, buy, buy!
au revoir.


(click on image to enlarge)

I love Ashely's (right) outfit! Its such a perfect summer ensemble: cute yet understated, amazing sweater; large cuffed shorts; multiple necklaces and pretty shoes! She does the basic summer outfit + accessories that make the outfit magic.
I do however prefer Mary Kate's shoes...MK's shoes + Ashleys outfit = the dream.


Friday, August 28, 2009

ring around a rosy-

I have recently stumbled upon the fact that as the temperature warms up, the layering times are over. For summer, one has to ditch stockings, vests and cardigans and swap them in for accessories, namely rings, pendants, nail polish, headbands and of course, Sunglasses. For practicalities sake, basically outfits fall under threat of being boring, so, in hopes of de-boring my wardrobe, I will endeavor to stock up on pretty and cool accessories...such as the rings above! I love so many of the rings in this picture, my favourites being in the top right hand corner, I also love the violet and mauve ones to the left in the middle!


octagon !

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O c t a g o n a l
l o v e

In a shop in my hood the other day I found some amazing vintage octagonal sunglasses which were very common in the 60s when they liked to experiment with various geometric shapes in virtually every way. There not quite as slick and modern as the ones ones are quite evidently vintage, but I love them. I will buy them one day soon when I have money.
I was quite amused when I stumbled upon this photo, pretty epic no? O.K Nicole Richie...not a fan, but I am a MK fan and have been ever since I was about eight. Last summer I drew inspiration from the Olsen's in the form of Chanel half tints (which I shall not be abandoning by any means), and now unintentionally Mary Kate has once again inspired my eyewear for summer.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

(almost) Summer memories:

S U M M E R T I M E ( In August?)
This is MAJOR procrastination. I had a good day at school today but tomorrow will be hard! I have two exams 1st and 2nd period, I also have an extension English essay due on Tuesday! arrrggghhh.

Photos- Izzie/ me ( above) Izzie and Kate x2 ( below).

I am listening to the likes of MGMT ( a blog about Andrew VanWyngarden and his unintentional inspiration that he bestows on me soon) and AU REVOIR SIMONE, one of my old favourites; both because they sound like summer. The weather's getting gradually warmer here, and Im thinking about holidays, friends, the ocean and parties... and we haven't even done our real year 11 exams yet! I have to stop myself getting ahead of myself.
au revoir.
au revoir.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Vogue isnt run entirely by senior citizens.

" I read in the new york times this week I am : an ice queen, the sun king, an alien fleeing from planet nine and a domanatrix so I reckon that makes me a luke warm royalty from out of space..with a whip. What do ya think?" Anna Wintour.

ANNA promoting the new doco the September issue - should be very interesting, I would love to see it!
Anna Wintour is a minx. Or a gargoyle. Probably a bit of both; shes surprisingly funny - I like her. David Letterman is trying to push her buttons like crazy, hes' majorly condescending, I don't think he cares about fashion, at all, let alone Wintour. I like it when he calls her the devil. Enjoy though, its well worth watching CHECK. HI-LARIOUS.
au revoir.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

There 'aint no party like my nanna's tea party,

( the gorgeous Ashlea)
On Sunday I went to my friend lovely Ashlea's seventeenth birthday party!
We went to the Stanford hotel in the heart of Sydney for high tea. It was a lovely day, so much fun- and so yummy too! There was three leveled tiered food trays with scones, creme boules and little sandwiches! Dressing up for high tea was so much fun, I even got to crack out my white gloves and my lovely baby pink 50's heels...the whole day was so pastel and pretty, everyone dressed up; so high -tea.
au revoir.

(Gemmma, Samm and I)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

What a wonderful weekend

What a lovely weekend I have had! And how different Saturday and Sunday have been. On Saturday I went to high tea for one of my friends birthdays and today my two best friends Izzie and Kate came over to my house and we had such a lovely, hippy-ish day. I say hippy as i/ we spent the day in my hood Newtown- Sydneys alternative neighborhood ii/ I bought a hippy bracelet and bad tourist's tee with a dolphin and a moon on it which I love ( I see now that its actually quite simmilar to my header) and iii/ we went to a taroh shop and got our oracles read! so funny, so summer! The weather was simply magical today- true summer weather, I think that made everyone so happy. 32 degrees is a nice change from the 15 degree or less days we have been having so much of lately. ENJOY the pictures, I'm wearing:
top -general pants, pantaloon shorts-vintage, shoes- sportsgirl.
au revoir.
p.s The photos from high tea I will post in the next few days.

Friday, August 21, 2009

S u m m e r t i m e I n s p i r a t i o n s

I LOVE this adorable editorial from French Vogue from a while back called "Jasper and Zippora Seven + King and Justine Crawford are brothers and sisters"
I know that this is an autumn/winter editorial on a windy beach with subdued colours, but for some reason I get summer inspiration from this! It's probably the beach house and the 'ring around the rosy' times on the beach. It's such a beautiful 1940's style editorial, it really tells a story. I like Zippora and her brother Jasper too I suppose, there's something about the Sevens. I'm always on/off with my liking of them. This particular editorial touches a soft spot with me, it reminds me so much of my friends Nick and Natasha. Were all friends and have been for quite some time now, they're so creative and inspirational- I love them both. Nickolaus is a splitting image of King Crawford with the dark, curly hair and suspenders, Natasha is extremely Zippora Seven in this editorial with the adorable whispy blonde bob, and the beautiful smile... and I see a lot of my long haired, brunette self in Justine Crawford. Our relationship is kind of like this I suppose, I have a close brotherly relationship with Nick, and I can see my dear friend Tash and I having those feet in the air-brown oxford/grey sock -giggling- on-stairs times. I would love to have beach times like this with them this summer! You can find Natasha's blog in my blog list- it's called vanitylife. READ IT.


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A solliloquy of the full moon, she being in a mad passion.

Wavy nymph hair with flowers in it; what a happy Sunday indeed. With the help of iphoto, I was able to make these photos.
au revoir.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Golden like the sun

I apologize about my slack blogging the past week, I'll be better, I promise! These are some beautiful photos that provide me with a world of inspiration- just look at her hair!
silent film star hair + sailor collars+ the beach = me, in a nutshell.
These auto chromes are from 1913, but they most certainly don't look as such, if i saw these without knowing I would say 1930's at the earliest. I love how overly dreamy and romantic the photos are, the one by the boat is one of the best photos I have ever seen, just ravishingly beautiful.
They make me want summer so badly! Winter has taken far too long, I'm just bored of all the cold now, I haven't been swimming in the ocean for so long! I miss it.
I also find myself thinking about more and more summer fashion, at the moment I am really wanting some cute denim cut-offs, lots of beaded/feathered bracelets and some more pantaloon shorts.
well until next time, au revoir.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Look I love

...and that's the way you wanna wear denim cut offs.

Monday, August 10, 2009


H A I R S P I R A T I O N : a little foolish as only time can produce these gorgeous locks of love, but hey, one can dream!
The first picture is Sophie Lowe, Australian actress who I kind of know personally.
Her hair in this editorial from Instyle magazine, makes me drool. One day my hair will also be like this hopefully....but brunette of course.
Silent film stars: MY number one hairspiration of all time, has been for ages. Long, dark, wavy, wispy, romantic nymph hair is the dream. The brunette with the headbands to is my favourite! Although her curls are far more tame than most... ( pictures below from

Sunday, August 9, 2009


S U N D A Y S ++

Today was a quiet Sunday, as Sundays should be. I walked up to Newtown with my dad, had some food, visited the art shop and brought back some bagels and super hommus ( a name given to Aoli dip, by my dear friend Nickolas a while back). I am wearing a thrifted top, leggings from Myer and wedges from Sportsgirl.

Right now I am listening to Kasabian's new album " West ryder pauper lunatic asylm" It's fucking magical. Imagine the gothic genre of literature in music form and you have this album (along with a little Ramones influence- maybe I'm biased, but I can hear it). They have epic voices, I'm a sucker for any band with multiple vocalists. Here's a link to one of my favourites from the album:
It's made 1000 times cooler as my love in life, Noel Fielding is playing Vlad :).
Have a good rest of the weekend!

Friday, August 7, 2009


I love navy nail polish, I have searched for the perfect shade for two years and I have found it! I also love navy with silver...they, along with lilac make up my favourite colours :)

YAY! I am home finally, tonight I will be having Chinese take away to celebrate, and I'm currently listening to Those dancing days.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Inspiration: my.
These pictures amaze me, I love these outfits, I gain so much inspiration from them as they are so simple, but also so special for some reason...and the funny thing is I own about 3/4 of the clothes here, or simmilar. Genius.

au revoir.

Saturday, August 1, 2009


I have gotten my lovely wedge shoe! Finally! I'm so happy with them, and walking in them is so amazingly easy, I will wear them every day.
shoe: sportsgirl.
Heres a pretty siren-like song to listen to, School of seven bells are adorable. I really did not expect for a song of this callibre to have a video shot in the city, it's such a beautiful romantic song, it actually hears like nature...but how they made the city look so pretty is amazing! enjoy.