Thursday, August 27, 2009

(almost) Summer memories:

S U M M E R T I M E ( In August?)
This is MAJOR procrastination. I had a good day at school today but tomorrow will be hard! I have two exams 1st and 2nd period, I also have an extension English essay due on Tuesday! arrrggghhh.

Photos- Izzie/ me ( above) Izzie and Kate x2 ( below).

I am listening to the likes of MGMT ( a blog about Andrew VanWyngarden and his unintentional inspiration that he bestows on me soon) and AU REVOIR SIMONE, one of my old favourites; both because they sound like summer. The weather's getting gradually warmer here, and Im thinking about holidays, friends, the ocean and parties... and we haven't even done our real year 11 exams yet! I have to stop myself getting ahead of myself.
au revoir.
au revoir.