Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Hey everyone!

I'm sad to report that today all I have for you is a few little inspiration pictures...
They're all random, but oh so beautiful. Hope they make you a little bit happier today.
They definitely had that effect on me.
I also suggest a song to listen to while you look at these pictures, it reflects the vibe of the pics pretty well, and its also a beautiful dreamy + relaxed tune : : :

The Moondoggies - Undertaker

Saturday, March 19, 2011

pretend outfits!

d r e a m Outfits!

Ever since I started university a month ago, I have found myself always thinking about outfits (even more than before!) It must be the fact that I actually have to pick out an outfit every day--which I am definitely not used to coming from school wearing a uniform every day.
So I have come up with a few dream outfits with clothes from some of my favourite designers which I would wear all about town (if I were a gazillionaire, of course).

Oufit O n e : D i n n e r !

I would wear this little ensemble going out to dinner with my friends. I am really loving navy blue knits at the moment, I've been searching for a perfect navy sweater just like this one, no luck yet (well, in my price range)
1. Secret Squirrel dress 2. Glassworks navy blue sweater 3. Ellery sunglassess 4. Madewell boots

Outfit 2: c o n c e r t
I've been in love with this Sretsis dress ever since I saw it- its so cute, its perfect for a memorable occasion like a concert.
1. Sretsis Dress 2. Swedish Hasbeen clogs 3. Karen Walker sunglassess

Ouftit t h r e e : University!

I think this is probably the most realistic outfit of the bunch---ill be able to swing a look like this for those long days spent filling my head with learned knowledge.

1. Opening Ceremony sweater 2. Karen Walker sunglassess 3. Secret Squirrel skirt 4. Topshop brogues

Outfit f o u r : D r i n k s

I can imagine wearing this dress out to drinks with my best friends- its so simple and beautiful.1. A.P.C dress 2. Topshop pendant 3. Madewell clog boots.

Outfit f i v e : E v e r y w h e r e
This is the perfect simple, yet romantic outfit. The white and delicate shape of this dress (the sleeves!) make it perfect for wearing anywhere...to all of the above places, and more!

1. Secret Squirrel dress 2. Topshop necklace 3. Funkis clogs

A u revoir!

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Hair muse : V i c t o r i a L E G R A N D !

I am a huge Beach House fan.
I saw them about a month ago and fell completely in love with Victoria Legrand's beautiful hair! It's proper 1920s silent film hair, and she just pulls it off so well...
I came across a Beach House tumblr recently and couldn't help collecting images
of her amazing mane. In the last photo, she is wearing the same sunglassess that I have...so great!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


N e w S w e a t e r !

This is kind of a mini outfit post, just a little preview of my new love. It's such a blueberry muffin sweater. I bought this nice little guy today on sale---its so beautiful, I love it!
In fact, I bought two sweaters today (two polka dot sweaters actually) but I had to lay by the other. I am looking forward to a well polka dotted winter, and now I'm well equipped!
Sweater: Mossman

au revoir!

Friday, March 4, 2011

a u t u m n !

A u t u m n

is my favourite season of the year, as old followers of this blog would know. I am so excited that we have finally hit autumn, I can't wait to wear chunky cardigans, lots of orange and little polka dot printed stockings. I'm such an advocate of autumn (some may say autumn nerd, instead) that on the first of March I wore a 60's vintage autumn leaf brooch to uni. So lame, but so nice also.
I've been saving images on my computer for a while to post an autumn mood board here,
so enjoy!
(I promise I'll do an outfit post soon- I've been lacking lately, sorry.)

au revoir