Monday, June 29, 2009

violet violets !

This is the skirt I made the other fourty minutes, an uber record of mine! I went to
a fabric store a few weeks ago and fell in love with this fabric. So perfect , the beautiful colours, the flowers and just the spacing of the flowers, too.
I wore it the other day when I saw my best friend Rachel, and I want to wear it again soon!


p a r t y !

From my friends' 18th party the other night, there was fun times had. In pictures: dear Julian, Kate and Sam. love them all.


Saturday, June 27, 2009


I decided to put a list of my favorite blogs on the side of my blog, to share. My style is greatly influenced by these blogs and I would not have even started this blog without their inspiration. Maybe it'll help you understand my style more, au revoir.

Friday, June 26, 2009


aurevoir. x

Hey I want your hair, and those pants are crazy cool.


N e w ! ( well, almost)

This is my black/white striped top that I bought not too long ago, but never posted about. I think it's lovely, I have such a stripe fetish. Fetish may be the wrong word as it always suggests some sort of abnormality, so lets say I am a stripe fanatic. Not that much better, but it's true. In the stripe department, a red/white striped top is what i'm wanting at the moment. I have a plethora of black/white striped items... I have T-shirts, bodysuits, jumpers and now sweaters, I also have my favourite piece of clothing, my blue and white striped sweater, but red would be a nice
I think this particular top would look really sweet with soon-to-be-mine CM acid wash jeans, which I will get in 5 days when my birthday rolls around.
What shoes would I wear for that outfit though? The tan oxford heels would be perfect, but they're in dream land, maybe a red shoe could work? I dunno.
I have been off school today and half of yesterday due to illness, so I'd expect at least one more bored post in the coming days. I do have a lovely party tomorrow night which I shall be attending, sick or not, and there will be photos.
au revoir.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Valentino... and mui too,

Just some of my favourites:
V a l e n t i n o RTW a/w2009
Absolutely amazing, really. The yellow dress and the long baby blue and black one are some of the best dresses I've ever seen. They are just so perfectly balanced and beautiful. They're dainty and sparkly but also not cliche. I love how unusually shambolic the jewels are, but at the same time, they seem to have structure. They are just...amazing.

Mui Mui A/W 2009

Again with the shiny-ness, that's what I love about this collection, the jewels. They are far more organized and stylized than the Valentino ones, but they are just as pretty. I love how elegant and sophisticaed this collection is, but my favorite thing about this collection is the stockings! They are the ultimimate in shiny stockings, for real. Mui Mui always gets it.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I get by with a little help,

These are from a lovely day spent with two of my dearest friends, Izzie and Kate. This is the day of the amusing beach party from a few posts back, we were chilling in my new neighborhood.

modern denim -

09's take on D e n i m vests !

I'm really liking these new, more grundge-y type denim jackets, I think they look pretty sweet. Not sure if I would pull this look off, but I do rather like them. Vests pictured from Topshop and Trines wardrobe, CHECK.
She's pretty cool, I'm not too sure if she is a model, but she sure looks like one!
au revoir.

OH I do love my Grey marl shirts. Next up I want to buy a big navy blue t-shirt, and maybe a black one too, that's be cool. These pictures are just me messing around when I was evidently meant to be writing essays. Boo.
I think a trip to American Apparel could do me well, I still haven't gotten that dress I so passionately wrote about a thousand years ago.
au revoir.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The couple.

They are adorable. I'd love to be part of a couple like this, they look crazy fun and adorable, courtesy of The Cobrasnake. Amazing skills on their behalf to make matching denim look cool. I love her jacket, hair and stockings!

au revoir.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

M A I S E girls;

Pretty girls at a party for very pretty Australian label, Maise.
(I wrote a blog previously on thier jeans, still wanting those peach ones!)
They are the models at the after party for Maise's autumnwinter 09/10 runway, clad with the yellow lipstick seen on the runway. I suggest checking out the collection...stripes,lace and very tight fitting jeans- all good from where I'm sanding.

That's all for today, au revoir.

(Images from the Maise Myspace page.)

Saturday, June 20, 2009


Love these dresses, and Chanel Iman of course. The purple one is my favourite. au revoir.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Those genes look sweet-

T h o s e J e a n s !
The perfect outfit for acid wash jeans, can't wait to style mine like this!

... the look however could always be improved by these babies -
are they not Chanel embodied in a shoe?
Shoes, Chanel. Top photo-

shiny, flowing, structured goodness.

C a m i l l a and M a r c 09/10 !
They have managed to do what I attempt to do everyday: the perfect mix of feminine fragility (with the colour palette and the soft, flowing fabrics) and tough chic ( with the studs, the silhouettes, the shoulder pads, the metallics and the boots!) In conclusion, I love this collection.

au revoir.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I dont care, Tallulah is a babe.

Tallulah M O R T O N, sounds Swedish, but she's not.
I was never too fond on her really, but after some research I have come to the sad, sad conclusion that she is my age! And Australian! I thought she was American and at least twenty-one, basically because shes the cobrasnake's "number one muse, I usually have about five main muses, and Tallulah is better than all of them put together". She is the face of Lover also! Yeah shes really pretty and effortlessly cool, but sometimes she is a little trash-ay. I'm a fan, though.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

The perfect solution to a shoe dillema

Wedge heels! W e d g e h e e l s ! W e d g e H eels !

Being a, lets just say...petite person myself, I am always in dilemma when it comes to shoes. I don't want to wear flats because I basically come up to the navel of whoever I am with, and if I wear heels my friends bag me out ( which is cruel, as they don't understand the burden of being 5 ft 2) and on top of that, that loud heel noise always gives me away.

So I have been on the search for heels which will let me be normal human height, but that don't necessarily look like heels, until that actually see the heel. So I came to the conclusion that these shoes are basically perfection, they don't really look like heels, more like oxfords, but they have an epic heel. I wonder if they hurt to walk in? Probably, but they are very well supported.
These shoes got me thinking about the cool look of modern wedges, I have a pair that are vintage from the shop I work in, but I'm thinking I need the brown oxford ones. I'm sure they look really nice with blue acid wash jeans too!
I can definitely see these being the new shoe trend, I mean, first stilettos, then the rebellion of that- gladiator heels( thank god thats over, btw) then sticking with the chunky theme, why not have wedges? And they are popping up on
just about every Swedish fashion blog these days... au revoir.

I M A G E S: lisaplace and vanitylife.

Friday, June 12, 2009


The b e a c h times !

These are from a quaint party I went to. We were at the beach sometimes.
I wore:
dress- vintage ( its new, its the perfect little simple floral dress I was wanting a few blogs back).
jacket - vintage.
Ah fun times, fun, funky times with good friends... In picture: Paige and Kate- My love.