Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I dont care, Tallulah is a babe.

Tallulah M O R T O N, sounds Swedish, but she's not.
I was never too fond on her really, but after some research I have come to the sad, sad conclusion that she is my age! And Australian! I thought she was American and at least twenty-one, basically because shes the cobrasnake's "number one muse, I usually have about five main muses, and Tallulah is better than all of them put together". She is the face of Lover also! Yeah shes really pretty and effortlessly cool, but sometimes she is a little trash-ay. I'm a fan, though.


Glam+Pony said...

i agree she can be trashy sometimes,but shes still a babe haha

fritha louise said...

i'm still on the fence about her. she dresses well, but it grates on me a bit how she seems to know how "cool" she is