Friday, May 29, 2009

dance, dance. dance!

My perfect outfit to go out d a n c i n g !

dance dance dance

Oh if only-
Sequined leggings by Stella Mcartney,
bag by Chanel + boots by Christian Louboutin.

Also, an amazing song and band to check out, my favorite song is called 'the little patton' and the band is The Seedy seeds. Sorry, I don't have a link .
au revoir.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

These days just get colder and colder-

and even more so do they require tea! Tea is God's juice. amazement.
(I'm just wearing tights and a sweater from myer, and my favourite fish necklace from Newtown festival last year.)
I am in a very good mood today- school was normal, Ive got so much work to do coming up (eek!), and no real parties coming up in the future ( sad!) but, an amazing fountain of excitement is about to unfold. I'm so lame...but that makes me cool (right?) Anyways... I am exited as I am about to start writing about fashion for a website!

Along with a good friend of mine who is also going down the fashion track, we will be writing the fashion section for this new amazing website targeted at informed younger people who want to know more about fashion, music, art and culture. Ill be going to a meeting sometime soon - success! Whoa am I excited- I hope I haven't jinxed it now! I'm not too sure what to write about yet, but I have a few ideas...a few more could help? When the sites ready, I'll link it here, so you can all check it out! Hopefully Ill have some new outfit posts soon- I do have some plans.
au revoir.

Monday, May 25, 2009

oh, cheap monday.

I think my new inkling to jeans is something that is highly evident on this blog recently. I have been dreaming of acid wash jeans so much, and I think they would be a rather practical investment for winter as my winter wardrobe substitute for long pants usually is a skirt/stocking combination. After nonchalantly flipping through the new edition of Russh magazine in the newsagency - which is amazing ( it seriously has the most gorgeous cover Ive ever seen of Russh). I will be getting it soon...anyways, I came across an editorial which had cheap Monday acid wash jeans in it! I've always loved cheap Monday as a brand- must be my Swedish pride, but after seeing that, and these pictures- I am so getting them!

(The first picture is pure magic. Best outfit- so great, they're the jeans I want. )

well, trying them on at least...anyone feel like going jean shopping with me?
whoahs. never thought I'd say that. I also found out Cheap Monday isn't one of those witty oxymoron names, it's actually pretty cheap. Even better for my sales assistant budget.
au revoir.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

how come all the other unicorns are dead?

Well not too much to update today, I did take a quick stroll up to Newtown today, visited a few shops- oh! I did find some galaxy print leggings (they were black with white star clumps)! In Dangerfield they were, but I tried on the smallest size there and they were still at least 10cm too long for my miniature legs. Cry. So i didn't get them...instead I got this amazing top. When a top involves lots of ruffles and plaid, how can it go wrong? I also got the best fitting skirt of my life which is kind of similar to the top, rayon with navy blue and white fine checks. Its completely epic.

I also decided to rock the peaches braid today- no flowers though. :)
I'm off to have some thai for dinner!
au revoir.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Peaches is divine.

P E A C H E S G E L D O F = epitome of awesome.

I don't think I am one for the British "hipster" scene as such, I usually find that their style can either be way awesome, or can turn out a tragedy; but, this Peaches Geldof business, wow. I have admittedly been stalking her style for a little while, I feel she gets it right oh so often. She always looks just beautiful , but these pictures I came across the other day just made me feel all nostalgic!
Last year, I would, somehow, everyday, attempt to have either a braid or a flower in my hair. It was my mantra. I could not wait to travel to San Fransisco and wear flowers in my hair- as the byrds would say.
I still absolutely love this hair, but I was just so amused because this was my most perfect thing to me last year- if only I had come across these then. still, enjoy the babe hair...not going to lie- may copy it. ALSO, I really want the white top, tie and blazer in the last few pictures! A true style icon.
au revoir.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Today was the most amazing day. I went to school today in hopes of being elected a prefect and I got the exact position I have dreamt of since year seven. Pure magic.
I also went shopping last weekend and I thought I'd display a few of my purchases which I'm in love with: well first there's...
The bag: I love love love it. Its from this Japanese gyaru fashion shop in the city which I went into with hopes of finding a red one, but pink'll do. I can save the read one for the real Chanel 2.55 deal.
The jacket: Ive always wanted either a denim or leather cropped jacket for winter, and after stealing my friend Sams' at that party on the previous blog, I was so inspired to get one too! I can't wait to wear it.
The sweater: Perfect necessity the winter months. So casual, so comfy, but without being daggy. I actually wanted a very similar cashmere one in a different shop, but it wasnt there...and this was at least $150 cheaper so...

Still on my mind: acid wash jeans with beautiful big tears in the knees. Ramones style.
au revoir.

Monday, May 18, 2009

monday, I got friday on my mind.

Fun times at Emma's party. Great fun indeed. We did lots of dancing, talking and had fun times with the funk... ( for what the funk is, refer to previous blogs).

(My friend Sam and I had some jacket swapping times, I do now own a denim jacket, I got it yesterday, genius!)

I am proud of my contribution to the music played that night, I got to chose three songs,
David Bowie- Lets dance ( the perfect party classic).
Arctic Monkeys- Brianstorm
Los Campesinos- death to los campesinos.
well used, methinks.
I was pushing for some mighty boosh songs also, a party isn't really complete without old greggs' " Love games".
au revoir.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The moving times...

Here am I in my new room! We have arrived...sorry about few day gap, I have been without internet and dying slowly, but the house is sweet.
This day I went to work and to a funny party, of my dear, dear friend Emma.
It was a very long day, started leaving at 7 am and returning at 1 am the next day... here's what I wore: They are the perfect moving photos as I'm chilling with the moving boxes.

cardigan and dress-vintage, stockings-Sportsgirl, shoes- forever 21 ( America)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Nebula magic.

(The pants are my absolute favourite- they're magical)

Its official: My new favourite print is...universe/galaxy/intergalactic print.
It looks so amazing, and automatically adds a cool, edgier look to an outfit...
I have been dreaming in my little imagination (okay, huge imagination) about galaxy print stockings- that divine mix of navy blues, violets and orangey-reds with sudden bursts of yellow. I have been dreaming of an outfit incorporating said stockings: just throw on a very oversize white tee ( no flashing necessary, please), some black patented ankle boots, and a big, black bow in you hair...ahh my perfectly kitsch outfit dreams.
Sadly, these stockings don't exist. So here's a palette of intergalactic goodness:::

oh- and I heart Peter Pilotto ( fabulous creator of top three garments). The end.

au revoir.

Monday, May 11, 2009

The woods.

I wish I was in a country that had woods, when I was in Sweden, I have SUCH amazing memories. Like when I was four, I went to Sweden and had my birthday party there- we had a party in the woods, I felt like a mythical, ethereal creature, and now I feel so nostalgic, and every time I have returned, I fall in love with the woods all over again. Toadstools, dark green, the cover of the sloping trees, the blanket of green on the floor...I love it all. Seeing as under the sea is rather difficult to photograph in these days I think that if there was one place I would love to take photos, it would be the woods,
Then the beach.
Then in a field somewhere
Then at a historical university...
An amazing woods related song- CHECK.
au revoir.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hey there rosy cheeks.

Today I went for a lovely shop with two of my best friends, Izzie and Thirza.

I bought an amazingly pop-teen inspired leopard print beret, a perfect blush (both shown in pictures), false eyelashes and a grey bodysuit. so great.

I also got a plain white t-shirt, that I was in need of. Pictures show most of my buys.
I wish to next buy a Chanel 2.55 style red bag, preferably a bigger one- it is my dream to own a real one!
Tomorrow I'm going to a lovely party, and there will be photo documentation for me to post here as I'm bringing Vladamir... also, sorry about poor quality of photos, they're from my mac. Vladamir is resting and charging for tomorrow, and after my blabbing on about neglecting outfit posts, I thought my new purchases needed to be photographed. goodnight, au revoir.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

now an ACTUAL fashion-related post.

T O P S H O P = magic.

Damn being secluded in Australia, sure, Topshop has an online site, but the pound is almost three times the aussie dollar, no fair.
Here's some shoes that have been sitting in my "inspiration" folder for agessss when I stealthily stole them from the Topshop website (hence them being so small- sorry). My favorites are the white ones- they would go so well with a lot of things and they're just so amazingly pretty.
I did find black multi-strap shoes in Japan! They're not mini-heels, as I had hoped, they are flats... but I like them very much.
I will try and do an outfit post soon, sorry, been lacking in them, as I flick through this blog ( yes, a website can be flicked through)- and they're my favorites to do!

My trip to Japan has really unexpectedly influenced my style these days, all the Pop-teen and pop-sister magazines give me such ideas. The models look so effortlessly cool and kawaii ( kawaii meaning cute/pretty in Japanese). I have such a yearning to buy cute beanie/beret type hats, and add bows to my collection of many, many berets I already own ( and have missed during summer) and the lilac! Its not just Europe and the US who love lilac! everywhere in Japan. I almost drooled when I found these amazingly perfect little lilac socks which I had bought before my host girl, Mari, had even entered the shop. They're really big on hosiery stores there also- so many! It was heaven!
au revoir.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

N i p p o n.

more japan pictures... They take a really long time to load, so I'm breaking them up a little.

O S A K A power.

Scenes from my magical trip to JAPAN.
I thought I'd let the pictures speak for themselves this time.

Monday, May 4, 2009


1. Chandelier in our hotel on the first night.
2. Turtle in a lake.
3. and 4 The captivating sakura ( I have at least 45 photos of the cherry blossoms).
5. and 6. The view from outside my house. It was a mountain.

More photos of the beautiful Osaka another time,
Au revoir.