Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Nebula magic.

(The pants are my absolute favourite- they're magical)

Its official: My new favourite print is...universe/galaxy/intergalactic print.
It looks so amazing, and automatically adds a cool, edgier look to an outfit...
I have been dreaming in my little imagination (okay, huge imagination) about galaxy print stockings- that divine mix of navy blues, violets and orangey-reds with sudden bursts of yellow. I have been dreaming of an outfit incorporating said stockings: just throw on a very oversize white tee ( no flashing necessary, please), some black patented ankle boots, and a big, black bow in you hair...ahh my perfectly kitsch outfit dreams.
Sadly, these stockings don't exist. So here's a palette of intergalactic goodness:::

oh- and I heart Peter Pilotto ( fabulous creator of top three garments). The end.

au revoir.

1 comment:

Ellie said...

Those stockings sound amazing. I would buy them. Maybe you should go into the business.