Sunday, May 24, 2009

how come all the other unicorns are dead?

Well not too much to update today, I did take a quick stroll up to Newtown today, visited a few shops- oh! I did find some galaxy print leggings (they were black with white star clumps)! In Dangerfield they were, but I tried on the smallest size there and they were still at least 10cm too long for my miniature legs. Cry. So i didn't get them...instead I got this amazing top. When a top involves lots of ruffles and plaid, how can it go wrong? I also got the best fitting skirt of my life which is kind of similar to the top, rayon with navy blue and white fine checks. Its completely epic.

I also decided to rock the peaches braid today- no flowers though. :)
I'm off to have some thai for dinner!
au revoir.


hugh- said...

i'm gonna sound like a fag,
but that actually looks really good.

Anonymous said...

love the hair!