Monday, May 25, 2009

oh, cheap monday.

I think my new inkling to jeans is something that is highly evident on this blog recently. I have been dreaming of acid wash jeans so much, and I think they would be a rather practical investment for winter as my winter wardrobe substitute for long pants usually is a skirt/stocking combination. After nonchalantly flipping through the new edition of Russh magazine in the newsagency - which is amazing ( it seriously has the most gorgeous cover Ive ever seen of Russh). I will be getting it soon...anyways, I came across an editorial which had cheap Monday acid wash jeans in it! I've always loved cheap Monday as a brand- must be my Swedish pride, but after seeing that, and these pictures- I am so getting them!

(The first picture is pure magic. Best outfit- so great, they're the jeans I want. )

well, trying them on at least...anyone feel like going jean shopping with me?
whoahs. never thought I'd say that. I also found out Cheap Monday isn't one of those witty oxymoron names, it's actually pretty cheap. Even better for my sales assistant budget.
au revoir.


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so jealous! ah well, hopefully I shall have some also! twins:)