Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Today is the first day of summer!

The weather has been crazy here in Sydney, one day cold, one day warm so I haven't been able to fully get into the summer spirit yet, but i'm hoping these pictures will let me!
Last week I went on a lovely little summer trip with my friends, and that was so lovely. I'll post pictures here soon. Now that i've finished uni expect more regular blogging too- thank you so much for putting up with my pathetic, irregular blogging of late!

This summer I plan to wear 1950's dresses and bathing suits; APC sandals; cat-eye sunglassess and glitter nailpolish. It's going to be great.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Make believe outfits

1. Jumper-Acne, skirt- Sretsis, Shoes- Kork Ease, necklace- Madewell.

S p r i n g d r e a m t i m e !

To make up for my terrible blogging of late (it's final exam time, sorry) I have decided to create a few collages of dream spring outfits. For me, spring always means light pastels such as lilac (love!) or peach. I think that these outfits would be probable be too warm for Sydney's spring, but hey it's make believe land where I can afford Sretsis and Alexander Wang. Anything goes! I have also been really inspired by Elke Kramer's incredible new collection that is based on sea amoebas and anemones. She is a truly talented lady!Outfit 2. Dress- Secret Squirrel, Shoes- Acne, Necklace- Madewell

Outfit 3. Dress- Charles Anaste, shoes- Madewell, necklace- Madewell, Bracelet- ELKE

Outfit 4. Shirt- Alexander Wang, shorts- Sretsis, clogs- Funkis, Necklace- Tiffany and Co.

Outfit 1 + 2 are every day outfits that I would wear to uni or around town. I really love the digital print of the Secret Squirrel dress, so beautiful! I also love the cashmere Acne sweater...that's one of those 'one day I am definitely going to make the investment' things. The Sretsis clothes are incredible too, perfect for spring!
Au Revoir!

p.s. If it is every quiet around here, check my tumblr because I can't stay away from blogging for long. I've been Tumblr-ing like crazy since I've been away from here