Tuesday, June 29, 2010

athetics carnival!

Me and Kate in our chesire cat costumes
Last Friday, my school had our athletics carnival! It is my last one ever, so we had to make it super special. Every year each colour house (we have six) come up with a theme and we all come in costume. Last year, when I was the house captain of the purple house, Jaricot, Toys was our theme. I came as a giant rubix cube in a painted box. Competing was an issue. This year the new Jaricot captain chose the theme 'Jaricot in wonderland' so Kate and I came as the chesire cat. It was a wonderful day (athletics aside)!

Kitty love, Kate
The new captain, and my love, Sophie as tweedle-dee and Anna, Kate's sister was Alice.
Thirza's house, Colin, did the theme 'zombies'
Me and Kate as kitties,
Izzie, angie, Sophie and Prue enduring the cold in the blue house, Chavion.

Me, before I failed at shot-put and long jump...I'm not very athetic.

Au revoir!

Sunday, June 27, 2010


I am very excited to proclaim to my blog readers that...I found jeans! God's jeans, if you will. It all happened yesterday when my mother and I were looking in Forever New for some formal shoes. Sadly, the lady didn't have the shoes in my size (she had two left feet of the shoes). I was about to turn in when I saw a lovely, plain, perfect pair of black skinny jeans. They had very little detail, they were very black, they were a softer denim and they were quite short in the leg. Tried them on. Sucsess! I have been thinking about 'jeans outfits' ever since yesterday when I bought the glorious jeans. Here are some of my inspirations!
Right now I am thinking of rocking the 'canadian tuxedo' of double denim. But not in a seedy, double-acid-wash-and-rhinetones-80's way. Something like a chambray collared top with the black jeans is always classy I think. I am also looking forward to wearing big sweaters with peter pan collars poking out. Perhaps spotted collars? Maybe checkered? Also, striped tops. So many possibilities!

Unfortunatley, the condition of the jeans purchase was that my mother would buy them to store them away until my 18th birthday...which is on Thursday! It was about 6 degrees today, I would have loved to wear the jeans to work...but three more sleeps...yay!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Another lady I love

J o a n n a N e w s o m !
I doubt that I have posted about her before, but after listening to her album "The milk-eyed mender" for the first time in a few months today I realized that I must post about my love for this woman.
Despite being a beautiful singer/songwriter just like Zooey, I doubt that they could be more different! Whereas Zooey is the crooning queen on the 21st century, Newsom has such a high-pitched, nasal-y voice. When my mum heard me listening to her she said "ok loren, why are you listening to a child singing?" and I suppose she does sound quite child-like. I like it! I love how soft and beautiful her harp playing is, and how it acts as such a lovely contrast to her loud voice. She just makes pretty, peaceful, hippy music that I love. Have a listen!I would recommend her songs: '81 (my favorite!), bridges and balloons and Sadie!

au revoir!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Yet another reason why this woman is my idol in life

Z o o e y !
I haven't posted about her for a while....nor have I posted a video in a while. So I thought this would be perfect. Her voice is one of the best voices I have ever heard. I love her!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

My room moodboard!

R o o m i n s p i r a t i o n !

Today I got told that (finally) my bedroom walls will be painted, completing that last step of the 7 month long renovation process on my house. I am happy to hear that I shall soon live in a room where my walls aren't black and dusty from the renovation times. I am also happy as I can commence decorating soon! Today I bought a lovely little crystal doe from the beautiful shop, Fleur Wood and I also got a Swedish toadstool stamp from Kikki K which I love. They shall be displayed shortly in my room!I am kind of wanting a white, clean Swedish aesthetic to my room with little IKEA-like floral fabrics, Dalahast figures (my dad has about 1000, I have had one in my room since I was born...he's such a swede) and white furniture.I don't just want a Swedish theme to my room, as I am particularly drawn to displaying my stationary in teapots, having doileys permanently out and having lots of granny pictures on the walls! (not pictures of grandma's, but pictures your grandma would like...like crochet mushrooms for example? Oh yes. Bought it last week).And all my furniture looks like they are french antiques. Such a random mix!

au revoir ♥

A new (stolen) header

I saw this picture of the flags as someone else's blog header, and fell instantly in love! I know plagarism is wrong, but this header is just so beautiful I felt I had to appropriate it. Hope that's okay :)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Chloe sevigney for OC.

C h l o e S e v i g n e y f o r O p e n i n g C e r e m o n y !
I love this new collection! I mean, any collection that previews with a Garden party has to be great! I loved Chloe Sevigney's last collection for OC, with my favourite piece being the leopard cardigan that has featured on this blog a few times. Therefore, I really like how the leopard print in a non-woggy way has repeated itself. I must say I prefer this collection to the last! I'm not normally one for prints, but these pieces are changing my mind. I love all the polka dots, the leopard print and that metallic brocade!

au revoir!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

outfits that I shall steal!

At the moment, school has been generally rude and unforgiving. I am glad that I shall be finished with high school in a few short (who am I kidding- long) months!
As a result of this, I haven't really been able to get out to the shops much...I got to the markets a few weeks ago and got some amazing things ( an oversized emerald green tartan blazer, a nanna-approved vintage dress and a black shirt with a beaded collar + cuffs- perfect for the night times!)

Trolling through my favourite blogs, I have concluded that I don't care if it is cold as all hell outside- I will wear what I please. Right now, these pictures represent the purchases I wish to make. I have always love the 'cashe' look of a loose t-shirt with a skirt...so I think imma get myself a grey marle t-shirt.
Also on my list --- a new blue striped top (a la the third picture----god I love that outfit!) I already have a top like this from Sweden which is my favourite top, it just doesn't fit me nicely, so I plan on getting a better fitted one.
Also on my to- do style list --- Wear my hair in braids more! So pretty!!
au revoir!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

w i n t e r !

W i n t e r !

As we are now a few days into winter officially, I have been thinking about ways to keep myself warm during the coming months. I have never really been one to dress weather appropriate---I have bad blood circulation so I always end up colder than anticipated! In winter, I am also faced with the conundrum of being anti-jeans. Jeans would be so warm and nice, but they are really not my friend. I can never find jeans that fit my little legs properly... Maise do a lot of 'cropped' jeans, which on me will be normal length. Ironically, I really loved their autumn 09 denim collection, but this year, now that I'm prepared to fork out the money for a good pair of jeans, I don't really like their current collection. Anyone know where I can buy old collections of Maise Jeans?

Jeans aside, these pictures are my winter inspiration pictures. I would love some more stripey tops that fit me well, a chambray top, a grey marl jersey sweater, a beige cardigan, a long skirt, beige and/or navy blue pleated trousers and maybe even some black clogs (more winter appropriate, no?) I love them! Oh the avarice.