Thursday, June 24, 2010

Another lady I love

J o a n n a N e w s o m !
I doubt that I have posted about her before, but after listening to her album "The milk-eyed mender" for the first time in a few months today I realized that I must post about my love for this woman.
Despite being a beautiful singer/songwriter just like Zooey, I doubt that they could be more different! Whereas Zooey is the crooning queen on the 21st century, Newsom has such a high-pitched, nasal-y voice. When my mum heard me listening to her she said "ok loren, why are you listening to a child singing?" and I suppose she does sound quite child-like. I like it! I love how soft and beautiful her harp playing is, and how it acts as such a lovely contrast to her loud voice. She just makes pretty, peaceful, hippy music that I love. Have a listen!I would recommend her songs: '81 (my favorite!), bridges and balloons and Sadie!

au revoir!