Thursday, June 3, 2010

w i n t e r !

W i n t e r !

As we are now a few days into winter officially, I have been thinking about ways to keep myself warm during the coming months. I have never really been one to dress weather appropriate---I have bad blood circulation so I always end up colder than anticipated! In winter, I am also faced with the conundrum of being anti-jeans. Jeans would be so warm and nice, but they are really not my friend. I can never find jeans that fit my little legs properly... Maise do a lot of 'cropped' jeans, which on me will be normal length. Ironically, I really loved their autumn 09 denim collection, but this year, now that I'm prepared to fork out the money for a good pair of jeans, I don't really like their current collection. Anyone know where I can buy old collections of Maise Jeans?

Jeans aside, these pictures are my winter inspiration pictures. I would love some more stripey tops that fit me well, a chambray top, a grey marl jersey sweater, a beige cardigan, a long skirt, beige and/or navy blue pleated trousers and maybe even some black clogs (more winter appropriate, no?) I love them! Oh the avarice.


Daniel said...

Winter is so great! But now I'm poor because of various crazy sales. :(

The feather fleurette said...
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the moonchild//rena. said...

love (:

xx rena.