Saturday, June 19, 2010

My room moodboard!

R o o m i n s p i r a t i o n !

Today I got told that (finally) my bedroom walls will be painted, completing that last step of the 7 month long renovation process on my house. I am happy to hear that I shall soon live in a room where my walls aren't black and dusty from the renovation times. I am also happy as I can commence decorating soon! Today I bought a lovely little crystal doe from the beautiful shop, Fleur Wood and I also got a Swedish toadstool stamp from Kikki K which I love. They shall be displayed shortly in my room!I am kind of wanting a white, clean Swedish aesthetic to my room with little IKEA-like floral fabrics, Dalahast figures (my dad has about 1000, I have had one in my room since I was born...he's such a swede) and white furniture.I don't just want a Swedish theme to my room, as I am particularly drawn to displaying my stationary in teapots, having doileys permanently out and having lots of granny pictures on the walls! (not pictures of grandma's, but pictures your grandma would crochet mushrooms for example? Oh yes. Bought it last week).And all my furniture looks like they are french antiques. Such a random mix!

au revoir ♥


taylorkitto said...

awww your room is so so so lovely!!
i am quite jealous.
the white is just perfect :)

tab said...

i have that sylvia plath children's book! it's very cute