Sunday, June 27, 2010


I am very excited to proclaim to my blog readers that...I found jeans! God's jeans, if you will. It all happened yesterday when my mother and I were looking in Forever New for some formal shoes. Sadly, the lady didn't have the shoes in my size (she had two left feet of the shoes). I was about to turn in when I saw a lovely, plain, perfect pair of black skinny jeans. They had very little detail, they were very black, they were a softer denim and they were quite short in the leg. Tried them on. Sucsess! I have been thinking about 'jeans outfits' ever since yesterday when I bought the glorious jeans. Here are some of my inspirations!
Right now I am thinking of rocking the 'canadian tuxedo' of double denim. But not in a seedy, double-acid-wash-and-rhinetones-80's way. Something like a chambray collared top with the black jeans is always classy I think. I am also looking forward to wearing big sweaters with peter pan collars poking out. Perhaps spotted collars? Maybe checkered? Also, striped tops. So many possibilities!

Unfortunatley, the condition of the jeans purchase was that my mother would buy them to store them away until my 18th birthday...which is on Thursday! It was about 6 degrees today, I would have loved to wear the jeans to work...but three more sleeps...yay!

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the girl that stole the eiffel tower said...

Awh! that's so brilliant, happy early birthday also! I don't own one pair of trousers, not one. Jeans don't like me very much at all :( x