Saturday, December 24, 2011

c h r i s t m a s!

G o o d J u l !

Best wishes from feather fleurette -

Hope you have an excellent christmas time and a happy new year!

Sunday, December 18, 2011


G e i s h a

I bought these incredible shoes in Chinatown about a week ago. They remind me of all of the shoes in my favourite Japanese magazine, 'PopTeen' which I blogged about ages ago here. So glad they are finally mine! I wore them out last night and felt like a geisha, but I didn't fall over so I'm rather proud. I think they will look super cute with socks too like this!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Today is the first day of summer!

The weather has been crazy here in Sydney, one day cold, one day warm so I haven't been able to fully get into the summer spirit yet, but i'm hoping these pictures will let me!
Last week I went on a lovely little summer trip with my friends, and that was so lovely. I'll post pictures here soon. Now that i've finished uni expect more regular blogging too- thank you so much for putting up with my pathetic, irregular blogging of late!

This summer I plan to wear 1950's dresses and bathing suits; APC sandals; cat-eye sunglassess and glitter nailpolish. It's going to be great.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Make believe outfits

1. Jumper-Acne, skirt- Sretsis, Shoes- Kork Ease, necklace- Madewell.

S p r i n g d r e a m t i m e !

To make up for my terrible blogging of late (it's final exam time, sorry) I have decided to create a few collages of dream spring outfits. For me, spring always means light pastels such as lilac (love!) or peach. I think that these outfits would be probable be too warm for Sydney's spring, but hey it's make believe land where I can afford Sretsis and Alexander Wang. Anything goes! I have also been really inspired by Elke Kramer's incredible new collection that is based on sea amoebas and anemones. She is a truly talented lady!Outfit 2. Dress- Secret Squirrel, Shoes- Acne, Necklace- Madewell

Outfit 3. Dress- Charles Anaste, shoes- Madewell, necklace- Madewell, Bracelet- ELKE

Outfit 4. Shirt- Alexander Wang, shorts- Sretsis, clogs- Funkis, Necklace- Tiffany and Co.

Outfit 1 + 2 are every day outfits that I would wear to uni or around town. I really love the digital print of the Secret Squirrel dress, so beautiful! I also love the cashmere Acne sweater...that's one of those 'one day I am definitely going to make the investment' things. The Sretsis clothes are incredible too, perfect for spring!
Au Revoir!

p.s. If it is every quiet around here, check my tumblr because I can't stay away from blogging for long. I've been Tumblr-ing like crazy since I've been away from here

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I love H A L L O W E E N
Ever since I was one of the few trick-or-treating children in my neighbourhood, I wished that I lived in America where halloween was a bigger deal.
I remember the evil adults who slammed their doors in our little child faces claiming 'halloween is AMERICAN' well you know what evil adults? It's also great.
Just look at these photo's! Hopefully this year I can get all dressed up and have a proper halloween. If not, im sure these photos will quench my halloween appetite!

au revoir

Monday, October 17, 2011


N Y C !
Here is my photo diary of NYC! This again, is pre-amazing camera so the picture quality isn't too great but hopefully you can see how much fun it was. I especially loved Grand Central Station (we forgot the camera that, Central Park, Bryant Park (all the parks, really) and The Museum Of Natural History (and planetarium)
The picture below is my brother...he looks so much like a prehistoric turtle it's a little creepy. I was super elusive in all the photos as well, but I'm in two of them the me!

au revoir!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Lonely H E A R T S aw2011

Lonely Hearts is one of those fantastic southern hemisphere labels that highlight the talent we have around here. I really loved their past two collections, but I think this one is my favorite they have ever done. Even though we have just come into spring, the pallete evokes memories of early Autumn afternoons where it's not quite cold or warm...kind of like the Sydney weather right now. The collection was inspired by 'The Matrix' and thank god I don't really see any obvious allusions to that as I'm not the biggest fan of the androgynous-to-the-point-of-painstakingly-ugly costumes the ladies wore in that film.
What I see instead is a 60's influence in the boat neck jumpers, a perfect balance of masculine and feminie throughout and lots of beautiful Lonely Hearts' dressess which the label has come to be known for. I hope I'll be able to get my hands on the black sweater and the sheer, navy dress below...they are magical!

au revoir x

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

back to school
is super famous blogger Tavi Gevinson's new online magazine. I guess I've always been much more of a Lula girl than a style rookie one, but going to this site makes me feel like I've fell into a 90's dream land. Check out this editorial!? So sweet! Makes me miss high school a little bit.

Monday, September 26, 2011

USA holiday p a r t o n e

San f r a n s i s c o !

Hello all!
I have now come home from my American adventure, boy was it amazing.
Here are my favourite snaps from San Fransisco, which was incredible. SF is so much like Sydney it's crazy, its so crisp and clean and grey (in a good way!)
I really love San Fran...I mean just look at these pictures, what a beautiful place!

Sadly, the vintage fashion this time around wasn't so good. When I visited Haight Ashbury back in 2008 I pretty much lost my shit and went crazy in the vintage stores there. This time however, the quality of vintage was seriously lacking (in my opinion you really can't call 90's and 00's clothes vintage!) or the legit stuff was far too overpriced.

Vintage sadness aside, SF was probably my favourite leg of the trip. New York was incredible and exciting, but SF was just so chilled. I had a lot of quiet moments to just go 'wow. This place'.

In other news...I got a new camera! FINALLY! This camera is beautiful and shiny and I named it Ezriel. This is good news for you lovely readers too, because hopefully this will mean a better quality blog (better quality pictures at least!)

These pictures were taken with the old camera, I love the second image. Such a 'No, Dad, I don't feel like having my picture taken right now. Oh okay, just do it' face.

Glad to be back + Au revoir!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

new york, new york !

New York!
I am heading to the old USA on Saturday, so excited!
So before I go, I thought i'd do a little momentum post about New York to get me in the spirit (SO much work left to do before I go!)
Best book to read: Catcher In The Rye; best NYC tune-age: 53rd + 3rd by The Ramones...also, East Harlem by Beirut for something completely different. For some blogging action, I suggest you check out Hannah And Landon, a beautiful NYC based blog, here.

See you guys in a few weeks!

au revoir!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Rodarte for OC

r o d a r t e x O C
May I just begin by saying...what a collaboration. I really love both labels, but I would never have picked them to work together! When I think of Rodarte I think of romantic, intriguing and complicated designs which are basically works of art. I have loved Rodarte since I saw a collection of theirs back in 2008...I also loved the Mulvey sisters' issue of Lula, and I thought was strange that not many other people did.
Contrastingly, Opening Ceremony has always been street smart, casual and really really cool to me....which lead me to ask "How will this work!?"
Alas, these images from their lookbook have disproved all of my doubts as it is incredible. I can really see Rodarte in these looks as they are whimsical and really interesting. I think they are also very wearable which is where OC comes in. The muted colour pallete is particularly great. So perfect for spring!
Suffice to say I'm in love...and I want that hair!

au revoir