Monday, August 29, 2011

Rodarte for OC

r o d a r t e x O C
May I just begin by saying...what a collaboration. I really love both labels, but I would never have picked them to work together! When I think of Rodarte I think of romantic, intriguing and complicated designs which are basically works of art. I have loved Rodarte since I saw a collection of theirs back in 2008...I also loved the Mulvey sisters' issue of Lula, and I thought was strange that not many other people did.
Contrastingly, Opening Ceremony has always been street smart, casual and really really cool to me....which lead me to ask "How will this work!?"
Alas, these images from their lookbook have disproved all of my doubts as it is incredible. I can really see Rodarte in these looks as they are whimsical and really interesting. I think they are also very wearable which is where OC comes in. The muted colour pallete is particularly great. So perfect for spring!
Suffice to say I'm in love...and I want that hair!

au revoir

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