Friday, April 30, 2010

b r a i d s !

Ever since I saw that Alexander Wang collection a while ago I have been obsessed with long side braids! Unfortunately, whenever I try that look the braid falls apart in about 1000 different ways which is rather annoying. I can't help being inspired by pretty pictures like these!

(The original braids on the A. Wang runway)
au revoir!

Sunday, April 25, 2010


T o d a y !
Today was a nice, chilled day. It was a proper Autumn day, and it was also the first time in a long time that I was able to crack out my old favourite striped top. I got a little inspired by the above images, and the fact that yesterday I tried on a nice little blue striped dress that I think I shall buy at a later date. I was also inspired today by the below hairstyle- I used to wear my hair in a high bun all the time!
I'm sorry for my lack of posting, I hope soon that my house will stop being renovated, and I can have a lovely new room to show you---I've collected all these pictures of amazing rooms, I think I may do a blog on it! I also want to blog about some of the amazing things I have gotten of late. The other day I bought a lovely long sleeved, white polka dot dress, a la, Tennessee Thomas and I got a wonderful Secret Squirrel navy peacoat!

a u r e v o i r - - - - -

Thursday, April 22, 2010


New Zealand label Twenty Seven Names' new collection "T W E L V E " has left me awestruck.

I love, love, love it! I love the wearability of it all, I know I would wear every single outfit here.
I also love the styling. The makeup is impeccable, and the hair! ah! In the video, check out the girl in the white dress in the front with the extremely long, blonde hair....dream hair right there!
I like the tough creeper-ish shoes with the socks, but is it just me or does it make MODELS look short? I don't think that's a combo I'll be trying anytime soon, but I love the concept of pairing girly, feminine cut clothes with masculine shoes and socks!The film is a short stop-motion film of the collection, I love how Twenty Seven Names has lookbooks with multiple girls, I just think it shows the unity and wearability of the collection more.

au revoir!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hairspiration no.2

H a i r - s p i r a t i o n !

I am sorry about the lackluster posts recently, year twelve is eating up alllll my time, let alone my ability to be inspired. My only solace is that come November, I will have a few free months to paint my nails; make clothes; dye my hair ( I don't know what colour); wear whatever I want every day; sleep in; make flower crowns; go camping in some beautiful wilderness; take lots and lots of photos; and do proper outfit posts!

But...for today, a little hairspiration! Some pretty hair to aspire having always makes me happy...hope it makes you happy too!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

More Sretsis

S r e t s i s A/ W 2010
I love Sretsis' clothes. I just love what they are all about- feminine, fairytale clothing. I mean really, just amazing. I know it may seem a little too cutesy/girly girley for some people...but I haven't been bothered by it's overtly girly undertones (or should I say overtones?)...yet. I love the draping, the colour palette, the peter pan collars and their experimentation with different types of hemming( how amazing are the tiers with the metallic outlining!)
I am amazed at Sretsis' ability to do something utterly romantic and put a modern twist on it...i'll stop going about the collection now and let the clothes do the talking---

Sunday, April 11, 2010

outfits of love:

When one reads as many fashion blogs as I do, it is hard not to come across some amazing pictures, that feature some pretty well dressed people. I thought I would post some of my favourite outfits that I have come across. I love them all for different reasons, but I mainly love them because they are pretty.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

outfit #2

T o d a y ' s
O u t f i t

I know, it has been forever since I have done an outfit post, and that makes me sad as I really love reading fashion blogs who do regular outfit posts. It really gives you a sense of the bloggers personality, and I find it so interesting reading about bloggers' inspirations then seeing them put it to play in an outfit post. I do find it hard to do outfit posts though, I am always looking for the perfect backdrop, and as my house is still (heavily) a construction site, it is difficult. On top of that I feel like such a dork posing for pictures!
Today I managed to sneak into the back lane to take a few pictures of what I wore today to a lovely french cafe for lunch with my mum + dad.

The dress is Cream on King st. Shoes are vintage. necklace is home made. Bracelets are from an indian market in Newtown (one of the many)

au revoir!

l e o p a r d

l e o p a r d !
I must admit, I have never been one for animal prints. I think they have be ruined for me a little bit with the potential that they have of looking too "supre" or something of the like. The only leopard print item that I own is this great beret/beanie thing I bought last year and I love it. I think, after seeing pictures like this, I am warming (really warming) to the idea of a leopard print coat. I just love this type of 'pastel leopard' with big spots, rather than small. These coats just look so fluffy and comfortable! Not slutty at all. I don't know if I would have to courage to wear the coat if I found it. For some reason, it scares me a little bit...but I mean, how cute would an outfit with a leopard coat, socks+ wooden clogs and a chambray dress look!?

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Autumn wishlist!

w i s h l i s t !
a u t u m n
I try to do four of these a year, and I have found that the Spring and Autumn ones are my favourites to do! So this Autumn, I have been thinking a lot about Hoisery (Australia is so hot that socks, knee highs +stockings all together have had to be put on a stand still for the summer); dark, rich colours (very autumn) and long sleeved dresses.
So here is my (rather extensive) dream wish list!
i) stockings + socks....I know I have said it on here many times, but I am still on the search for those heart printed stockings, grey stockings, grey + navy + black socks and white stockings with black polka dots, a la Lula.

ii) Long sleeved, loose fitting dresses in white, blue and black.
The one Erin Fetherston is wearing (her design evidently) is a dream dress. I have been looking for a perfect one like this for over a year luck! The black one Jen Brill is wearing is also lovely! But I would have to say the winner is the baby blue Lover dress which is probably the most unrealistic one for my to buy, sadly!iii) a military style jacket---but not one that is too heavy. I am loving 'olive' recently. I blame Chloe and Secret Squirrel.iv) Navy, Emerald green, Mustard and Maroon knits. Such a perfect autumn pallet. I am in love with this sweater from Partof (I love the lilac shorts too!!) but I will probably end up buying these vintage.v) Loose fitting black or beige pants! I am not really a pants person, but I would love to give pants this shape a try! They look ultra flattering, and they just look so cool + relaxed, while being feminine at the same time. I love how this girl has styled hers!

vi) a denim/chambray dress! I have been searching for a vintage one and have had no luck size wise, but there are a few out there. There are so many pretty new ones out there also, like this Secret Squirrel one! (to the left)vii) anything that looks like 'Alexa Chung for Madewell" I wonder how expensive the clothes will be when converted to Australian dollars? Regardless, I am in love (more specifically) with the coat, the velvet top, the chambray top, the striped top and the velvet shorts ( I would love to re-create that look!)
viii) clogs! I know I have been going on about the clogs, but I think I am going to buy the Funkis ones. The only picture I could get of them is the black ones, but I want the light wooden ones. They are so quirky and sneaky heels. Love it!
And that is my make believe Autumn wishlist!
(although Im sure in two weeks, much more additions will need to be made)
Au revoir!