Thursday, April 15, 2010

More Sretsis

S r e t s i s A/ W 2010
I love Sretsis' clothes. I just love what they are all about- feminine, fairytale clothing. I mean really, just amazing. I know it may seem a little too cutesy/girly girley for some people...but I haven't been bothered by it's overtly girly undertones (or should I say overtones?)...yet. I love the draping, the colour palette, the peter pan collars and their experimentation with different types of hemming( how amazing are the tiers with the metallic outlining!)
I am amazed at Sretsis' ability to do something utterly romantic and put a modern twist on it...i'll stop going about the collection now and let the clothes do the talking---

1 comment:

eff_92 said...

i love the blue one shoulder dress in the top left corner!! i want a dress that colour or bright blue of some kind for formal :) its so pretty!