Thursday, April 8, 2010

l e o p a r d

l e o p a r d !
I must admit, I have never been one for animal prints. I think they have be ruined for me a little bit with the potential that they have of looking too "supre" or something of the like. The only leopard print item that I own is this great beret/beanie thing I bought last year and I love it. I think, after seeing pictures like this, I am warming (really warming) to the idea of a leopard print coat. I just love this type of 'pastel leopard' with big spots, rather than small. These coats just look so fluffy and comfortable! Not slutty at all. I don't know if I would have to courage to wear the coat if I found it. For some reason, it scares me a little bit...but I mean, how cute would an outfit with a leopard coat, socks+ wooden clogs and a chambray dress look!?

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