Monday, April 5, 2010

c r y s t a l s !

C r y s t a l s ...!
(my pendant. photo:me)
I have been pretty inspired by crystals recently. I have never, ever been one to shy away from shiny fact when I was about nine I had a gemstone collection in a little shiny blue box that I painted and threw silver glitter all over (is that nerdy? a gemstone collection? oh no). I had quarts in various colors, turquoises, cubic zirconia, moon stones and my favourite, Amethyst.
Thanks to the likes of Mui Mui, my new header (scroll up.) and Lisa Mitchell's new video for "Oh! Hark" (which I have been watching repeatedly...even if you don't like her -i do- you have to admit that the girls' got style), I have been on the search for a tear dropped shaped crystal that I could turn into a pendant.

On Saturday, at the market (is it just me or do all my blog posts these days mention 'at the market'?) I came across a lady who was selling chandeliers. When I asked her if she ever sold the crystals that had fallen off, she pulled out a whole box for me to choose from. Now I have my crystal pendant!

A u revoir!


Fear is a Dirty Word said...

Oh I love those pink crystal shoes! Thy're very unique looking. I've always found sparkly things very inspiring haha ;)

bianca said...

omg thats so weird! i've also been inspired by crystals! i'm studying fashion design and i've recently designed swimsuits that are inspired by rocks, minerals and crystals! oh and i love your tumblr and this fashion blog! defs following! xox

The feather fleurette said...

Oh thankyou so much!! I love your blogs! the sketches for the costume look amazing. I love the translation of the inspiration, you can tell crystals were the inspiration point!

Emma said...

Just as I started to read this post, Oh! Hark! came on my itunes......Your blog is absolutely AMAZING!
Also, where are your favourite op shops?

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