Sunday, April 25, 2010


T o d a y !
Today was a nice, chilled day. It was a proper Autumn day, and it was also the first time in a long time that I was able to crack out my old favourite striped top. I got a little inspired by the above images, and the fact that yesterday I tried on a nice little blue striped dress that I think I shall buy at a later date. I was also inspired today by the below hairstyle- I used to wear my hair in a high bun all the time!
I'm sorry for my lack of posting, I hope soon that my house will stop being renovated, and I can have a lovely new room to show you---I've collected all these pictures of amazing rooms, I think I may do a blog on it! I also want to blog about some of the amazing things I have gotten of late. The other day I bought a lovely long sleeved, white polka dot dress, a la, Tennessee Thomas and I got a wonderful Secret Squirrel navy peacoat!

a u r e v o i r - - - - -

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Matilda said...

i wanna see the peacoat!!