Sunday, December 28, 2008

Me on Paper.

My very talented friend Natasha so lovely drew this picture of me. I really love it.

Thanks so much, Tash!
(ALSO, you can find her at

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Triumph ( just another word for victory)

The Chanel half tints now belong to me. Im so pleased! I will wear them all the time now.Photo: Tash.
On Tuesday my wonderfuly artistic (and fashionable) friend Natasha and I went to Surry Hills. We op shoped, we took photos and we drank slurpies. What a lovely day it was!
Tash running away from my photography:
And Heres what I wore:

Top, skirt and shoes: vintage, Socks: myer, Headband: forever twenty one.

So all in all, it was a lovely day. Thanks Tash for heping out!

Au revoir,

Oh, and merry christmas

-Have a lovely holiday. Love, L.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Shamelessly stolen photos for inspiration.

Just a little inspiration post for today:
I r i n a L a z a r e n a u = LOVE


C H A N E L = l o v e

Chanel + Irina
= eternal love.

both of them are just absolute pure perfection.
can they ever go wrong?
methinks not.
I know my math.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


Yesterday I was just casually browsing around a local westfield... kind of looking for nothing in particular. So I walked into General Pants Co. ( which im not really a fan of ...anymore. Last year I had some kind of subconscious mantra that everything in general pants was amazingly cool, thus I had to wear only general pants clothing. Which didn't help my individuality as I looked like every other fluro wearing kid that walked past, and it most certianly didnt help my wallet) This aside, I went in and was quite impressed by what I saw. There was only about 1% of their stock was fluro-related. Same prices, but some nice cothes indeed, I am particularly in awe of the Avec girls , Casette society and Don't ask amanda stock. I think they are such pretty labels!
...Anyway, I was browsing and I came across the " last chance to buy" rack and... I FOUND MY ZIPPER SKIRT!

I was so ecstatic that I found it that I didnt even realise it was two sizes too big-Oh well, adjustments can be made and I wouldnt ever have forgiven myself if i didnt buy it. Its also not really the fabric I wanted, with it being more of a sheer fabric, but with the trusty safety pin in place ( and very well hidden) it turns out the way I wanted.

I am very pleased!

Au revoir,

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Top: Vintage, Vinnies.
Shoes: Vintage, Mint condition.
Bag: Vintage, thrift store in America.
Pants: Minty meets munt.

Today was one of those lovely, lazy holiday days where you do nothing. I watched television, read and sewed. I went to spotlight today and bought fabric and I made a skirt. Its pretty, but it didnt quite turn out the way I had hoped. oh well, i shall adjust it a bit and it will hopefully be featured here. But today was a good chance for me to wear my new favourite pants- my vinyl black "Sandra Dee from Grease" tights from Minty meets munt on Crown st. in Surry Hills. oh how I love them! They are I suppose, the closest thing I can get to owning leather pants, but with these being more comfortable, plus, I've had me eye on these since last winter!

Au revoir,

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My Christmas List.

I Have a five items that are on my christmas list ( which seems to be ever-expanding). And although I will probably not get any of these for Christmas, I aim to own every single one of these. Some way or another....

1. The Black Front Zipper skirt:

I did a blog about this on my old blog on myspace, and they are still my number one item! Ive been searching everywhere with no luck. Any suggestions on where to find one?

2. Chanel half tint sunglasses:

As discussed in the earlier blog. I believe this just empasises my love.

3. Black Peep toe boots:

Ok, know they are pretty much everywhere, but I want a pair that has a suitable heel so I can walk around in them all the time! Which I will, of course.

4. Avec Girls' Lace top :

So pretty!! But gladly, I can afford this ( later on, when I have slaved away at work) and I know where to get it!

5. Avec Girls' Fringed tee.

OK, although the catalogue says its a singlet, Ive seen it in the flesh and its a t-shirt. I made a blue fringed singlet before ( pictured in my old blog) but sadly, it went into the wash unprotected and now all the fringing has frayed! It looks absolutley horrible, so it looks like im going to have to spend some money now to get the effect I want.

Au revoir,

Monday, December 8, 2008

Petticoat junction.

Dress/petticoat: Surry Hills Markets.
Shell pendant: Surry Hills Markets.
Shoes: Minty meets Munt.
I love Surry Hills. It is my favourite suburb in Sydney, I would love to live there when im older. I love it for many reasons, including the people an artistic the vibe that surronds the suburb, as well as the most amazing shops that inhabit Crown street. But my favourite excuse for me to be in Surry hills is the once - a - month market that I call my favourite place to shop. It has the most amazing vintage stalls and most of them are reasonably priced.
This time when I went I got lucky and found this amazing 1950s petticoat that I wear as a dress. It was at this stall ( that I faithfully visit whenever its there- and always find great stuff) where the man was doing a ' fill a bag for $10' deal.
I luckily found this petticoat ( that, by the way, had a tag that said $50 on it), an amazing sixties top, a more modern dress (that sadly is too big) , and a 1970s sailor dress which was for my friend ( she found it first- unlucky) but she promised to share.
I also got photographed by a magazine to put me in thier street style section, but more on that later.

Au revoir.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

On the first day of christmas, my true love gave to me...Chanel half-tints.

You've got to love Mary-Kate and Ashely. Although slightly cliche "It" girls, and maybe pretentious in personality. I can't deny how I love their style!
Mary -Kate is my favourite! I know hardly anyone who can pull of so much black and look so poised and feminine, rather than harsh. Whevever I try to pull off all black, I make the slightly wrong statement, appearing kind of gothic. It must be the fact that I have dark hair that does that...
But anyway, what I am in real awe with at the moment is the Chanel half-tint sunglasses they seem to have glued to thier faces.
They are most definetly on my christmas list, but I shudder to think of the price.
I shall endeavor to find them though, or something of the like for a cheaper price. I just love how they have a very 1960s look to them, but they also have a very tailored look with the eccentric half tinting and the thick, black rims.
So until next time
Au Revoir.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Once upon a time.

Photo: Lula magazine.

I love the starts of new things. The starts of new adventures. New friendships. A new season. A new discovery. A new inspiration. A new book. A new school year. A new song. A new fashion. A new blog.
This is a fashion blog where I can post about my inspirations, my unrequited love of vintage, street style, what Im wearing, and anything and everything else.
But I feel I should introduce myself.
My name is Loren. I am sixteen. I hope to be a fashion Journalist when I grow up. I wish to work a fashion magazine like the British Lula one day. I like to run around and take pictures, as well as dress up for them. I like listening to indie and oldies music. Especially the likes of The Ramones, David Bowie , Bob Dylan and Richie Valens.
Happy Reading!
Au Revoir,