Thursday, December 11, 2008


Top: Vintage, Vinnies.
Shoes: Vintage, Mint condition.
Bag: Vintage, thrift store in America.
Pants: Minty meets munt.

Today was one of those lovely, lazy holiday days where you do nothing. I watched television, read and sewed. I went to spotlight today and bought fabric and I made a skirt. Its pretty, but it didnt quite turn out the way I had hoped. oh well, i shall adjust it a bit and it will hopefully be featured here. But today was a good chance for me to wear my new favourite pants- my vinyl black "Sandra Dee from Grease" tights from Minty meets munt on Crown st. in Surry Hills. oh how I love them! They are I suppose, the closest thing I can get to owning leather pants, but with these being more comfortable, plus, I've had me eye on these since last winter!

Au revoir,

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Lady Melbourne said...

You have a very pretty blog, and amazing style for your age!
I particularly like your outfit shots, more please!