Sunday, December 14, 2008


Yesterday I was just casually browsing around a local westfield... kind of looking for nothing in particular. So I walked into General Pants Co. ( which im not really a fan of ...anymore. Last year I had some kind of subconscious mantra that everything in general pants was amazingly cool, thus I had to wear only general pants clothing. Which didn't help my individuality as I looked like every other fluro wearing kid that walked past, and it most certianly didnt help my wallet) This aside, I went in and was quite impressed by what I saw. There was only about 1% of their stock was fluro-related. Same prices, but some nice cothes indeed, I am particularly in awe of the Avec girls , Casette society and Don't ask amanda stock. I think they are such pretty labels!
...Anyway, I was browsing and I came across the " last chance to buy" rack and... I FOUND MY ZIPPER SKIRT!

I was so ecstatic that I found it that I didnt even realise it was two sizes too big-Oh well, adjustments can be made and I wouldnt ever have forgiven myself if i didnt buy it. Its also not really the fabric I wanted, with it being more of a sheer fabric, but with the trusty safety pin in place ( and very well hidden) it turns out the way I wanted.

I am very pleased!

Au revoir,

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