Monday, December 8, 2008

Petticoat junction.

Dress/petticoat: Surry Hills Markets.
Shell pendant: Surry Hills Markets.
Shoes: Minty meets Munt.
I love Surry Hills. It is my favourite suburb in Sydney, I would love to live there when im older. I love it for many reasons, including the people an artistic the vibe that surronds the suburb, as well as the most amazing shops that inhabit Crown street. But my favourite excuse for me to be in Surry hills is the once - a - month market that I call my favourite place to shop. It has the most amazing vintage stalls and most of them are reasonably priced.
This time when I went I got lucky and found this amazing 1950s petticoat that I wear as a dress. It was at this stall ( that I faithfully visit whenever its there- and always find great stuff) where the man was doing a ' fill a bag for $10' deal.
I luckily found this petticoat ( that, by the way, had a tag that said $50 on it), an amazing sixties top, a more modern dress (that sadly is too big) , and a 1970s sailor dress which was for my friend ( she found it first- unlucky) but she promised to share.
I also got photographed by a magazine to put me in thier street style section, but more on that later.

Au revoir.

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