Saturday, January 31, 2009

Your turning Lilac, Violet.

I vow three main things at the moment:

1: Wear more velvet.
2: Wear more Lilac.
3:Wear more Navy.

oh, and another: somehow steal Blair's golden bow tie, and her coat... and her headband...and her face, but mainly the bow tie.

also, happy news about my striped sweater from my cousin, she got it! And she will be sending it over soon. Tre excited.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The fish had a secret wish.

New. New... N E W !

Yesterday I went to the shops and the movies. I saw bride wars and it amused me ( we had free tickets that had to be used by the end of January!). I also had two voulchers that needed to be spent. So I bought a pair of lace stockings and a new T-shirt. I love them both.

shirt: general, stockings:sportsgirl.

Ive been thinking about the season we are about to approach now here in Australia- Autumn. Seriously my most favourite season for fashion as you can wear light dresses with knee -highs or stocking and feel compeletly fine, but I am very extied about Autumn. Its the perfect time to wear my favourite colou pallette(besides pastels). This palette consists of Navy, Violet, Mustard,Emerald green and Maroon- and its the perfect time to crack open the velvet and the plaid patterns! Im not too sure what that colour pallette is called, i never have, does it actually have a special name?

well, Au revoir.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Sugar me.

Top:minty meets munt. Skirt, shoes:vintage.
I wore this the other night. That was a good time! I saw my dear friends Bridget, Stono and Nush, and a new friend, Bree. We had all you can eat pizza at pizza hut. we ate until we wanted to throw up, and even then bridget wanted a double quarter pounder.

Nush, Stono, Me and Bridget in the booths.

Bridget and I giggling away.

Nush, Bree and Bridget.

Today I went to my holiday house for the day and I swam in the sea. It was absolutley amazing, as it always is. I had fun. I even surfed a bit, too! I spent almost 4 or 5 hours there, in my vintage one piece ( its navy blue and white striped) swimming costume. I love it!

au revoir.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

I'm a modette.

As seen on Lisa from
S T R I P E S!... s w e a t e r ... S w e d e n !
I am of Swedish heritage, my whole family is Swedish and they live in I decided to abuse my relations! I read a lot of Swedish fashion blogs ( including the one these pictures are from: adress above title) and how I love them and how I wish I could return to Sweden as I have not been for about five years now. They always have the most amazing clothes and along with visting my family, Id love to go shopping! I absolutley LOVE stripes and since we are soon approaching autum here I thought that I would need some lond sleeved when I found this one on a blog, I automatically emailed my favourite cousin, Mia , in Sweden to see if she could get it for me! Hopefully it will be in my hands soon. Its so great as it looks so comfy and the stripes are blue! ( My favourite colour, bar purple... its a tie).

I also really want some RED lipstick. Maybe I can get some the next time I head out...hopefully. I like the second shade best :)

Au revoir.

Melting like soft serve in the Sydney heat.

All clothes: vintage
On Thursday I had a good day. I saw my friends kate, Nick, Tash and George. We went to crown st, and I bought the most amazing mustard coloured top from Minty meets Munt ( which I have had me eye on for some time, but when I went there it was on sale! So I had to buy it). Nick and Tash bought some things, too! Shirts, and wonderful dresses. It was so warm that we decided to have slurpies and sit in the park. But the park was not cool enough so we went to Mcdonalds-ha. We had lunch and got soft serve. We ate the soft serve outside in the heat, but by now there was a lovely breeze. It was a perfect summer moment.

Me being creepy and Tash (with her pretty new haircut!)looking confused.

Tash and Nick.

kate enjoying her ice cream and george with his hat.
Au revoir.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I've kind of sadly been getting sick of summer. Just when all of my favourite blogs are in the northern hemisphere lapping up the many wonders of winter fashion, I am in Australia, suffering 40 degrees Celsius hot days, melting slowly in the city, trying to cool myself down with about 30 dollars seriously spent on frozen cokes a week. The good news is that its the holidays, hence giving me reason to skip off to the many areas of Sydney built for op-shopping, such as Tempy. I visited there yesterday and I got amazing things! Including a beautiful velvet skirt and a great bag! ( they were both only $4 each!). Cheap. Not Cheap. Thats the way I like it. Well I am off for another day of being in the city, hanging around visiting my most beloved Crown St. I have a sudden craving for mustard... how I love that colour! and perfect for Autumn coming up!
I think autumn is my favourite season for fashion, actually.
Au revoir.

Monday, January 19, 2009

new header.

This is my lovely new header:
My dear talented friend Nush made it for me ( he also made my old one) without me even asking! thanks Nush!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Im sorry.

Im sorry I have been a neglegent blogger of late, I went to my holiday house on the NSW coast, and there was no internet! So I suppose I took a little blogging break, but im back in the city and I am ready to blog to my hearts content...starting with this:
( simple- yes, effective- also yes)
I was always one for skirts, I think I only own about three pairs of pants in total, so suffice to say skirts are my thing, but I only recently have been wearing printed or plain T-shirts with them.
Strange that I did not think of wearing this combination sooner, (seeing as it is a very unoriginal idea) but I really like the look of it.
I was more of a blouse/skirt combo person, but I think that adding a t-shirt instead has a more casual, less girly-girly ( my ultimute fear! apart from being described as "cute") feel to it.
So this is how I think the equation should go:
(here we go- more fashion maths. Im sorry for all of you who have to endure my witty posts)

Printed ( loose fitting tee):


A beautiful, more statement like skirt ( such as this beautiful velvet one, but bold, bright and big florals could also do)


A lovely pair of socks or knee highs, a hat or headband and some pretty shoes.

One of my most favourite ( and most comfortable) outfits to wear.