Monday, January 26, 2009

Sugar me.

Top:minty meets munt. Skirt, shoes:vintage.
I wore this the other night. That was a good time! I saw my dear friends Bridget, Stono and Nush, and a new friend, Bree. We had all you can eat pizza at pizza hut. we ate until we wanted to throw up, and even then bridget wanted a double quarter pounder.

Nush, Stono, Me and Bridget in the booths.

Bridget and I giggling away.

Nush, Bree and Bridget.

Today I went to my holiday house for the day and I swam in the sea. It was absolutley amazing, as it always is. I had fun. I even surfed a bit, too! I spent almost 4 or 5 hours there, in my vintage one piece ( its navy blue and white striped) swimming costume. I love it!

au revoir.


Stono Caves said...

Aw it's us! What an amazing day.
We must hang out again sometime soon.
Hey, I got a blog too. Nowhere near as savvy as yours but it's just somewhere I can post my thoughts! Check it out :) Your link is on it hehe.
Love you!

Feather Fleurette said...

I know I saw it before I even saw this comment! your fantastic! Im following it now and its also featured in my 'influences'.