Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The fish had a secret wish.

New. New... N E W !

Yesterday I went to the shops and the movies. I saw bride wars and it amused me ( we had free tickets that had to be used by the end of January!). I also had two voulchers that needed to be spent. So I bought a pair of lace stockings and a new T-shirt. I love them both.

shirt: general pants.co, stockings:sportsgirl.

Ive been thinking about the season we are about to approach now here in Australia- Autumn. Seriously my most favourite season for fashion as you can wear light dresses with knee -highs or stocking and feel compeletly fine, but I am very extied about Autumn. Its the perfect time to wear my favourite colou pallette(besides pastels). This palette consists of Navy, Violet, Mustard,Emerald green and Maroon- and its the perfect time to crack open the velvet and the plaid patterns! Im not too sure what that colour pallette is called, i never have, does it actually have a special name?

well, Au revoir.

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Vanitylife said...

WOW THIS IS Fantastic. you look really stunning and i love the new top and lace stockings ..!!!
hahah i got a blog and you my dear are featured !!