Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I've kind of sadly been getting sick of summer. Just when all of my favourite blogs are in the northern hemisphere lapping up the many wonders of winter fashion, I am in Australia, suffering 40 degrees Celsius hot days, melting slowly in the city, trying to cool myself down with about 30 dollars seriously spent on frozen cokes a week. The good news is that its the holidays, hence giving me reason to skip off to the many areas of Sydney built for op-shopping, such as Tempy. I visited there yesterday and I got amazing things! Including a beautiful velvet skirt and a great bag! ( they were both only $4 each!). Cheap. Not Cheap. Thats the way I like it. Well I am off for another day of being in the city, hanging around visiting my most beloved Crown St. I have a sudden craving for mustard... how I love that colour! and perfect for Autumn coming up!
I think autumn is my favourite season for fashion, actually.
Au revoir.

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