Saturday, January 24, 2009

Melting like soft serve in the Sydney heat.

All clothes: vintage
On Thursday I had a good day. I saw my friends kate, Nick, Tash and George. We went to crown st, and I bought the most amazing mustard coloured top from Minty meets Munt ( which I have had me eye on for some time, but when I went there it was on sale! So I had to buy it). Nick and Tash bought some things, too! Shirts, and wonderful dresses. It was so warm that we decided to have slurpies and sit in the park. But the park was not cool enough so we went to Mcdonalds-ha. We had lunch and got soft serve. We ate the soft serve outside in the heat, but by now there was a lovely breeze. It was a perfect summer moment.

Me being creepy and Tash (with her pretty new haircut!)looking confused.

Tash and Nick.

kate enjoying her ice cream and george with his hat.
Au revoir.

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