Saturday, January 24, 2009

I'm a modette.

As seen on Lisa from
S T R I P E S!... s w e a t e r ... S w e d e n !
I am of Swedish heritage, my whole family is Swedish and they live in I decided to abuse my relations! I read a lot of Swedish fashion blogs ( including the one these pictures are from: adress above title) and how I love them and how I wish I could return to Sweden as I have not been for about five years now. They always have the most amazing clothes and along with visting my family, Id love to go shopping! I absolutley LOVE stripes and since we are soon approaching autum here I thought that I would need some lond sleeved when I found this one on a blog, I automatically emailed my favourite cousin, Mia , in Sweden to see if she could get it for me! Hopefully it will be in my hands soon. Its so great as it looks so comfy and the stripes are blue! ( My favourite colour, bar purple... its a tie).

I also really want some RED lipstick. Maybe I can get some the next time I head out...hopefully. I like the second shade best :)

Au revoir.

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