Friday, July 31, 2009


An a/w 09 collection that is inspiring me currently is the gorgeous collection from minimarket. I have not really been following their designs of late and what a lovely surprise it was when I went on thier site and found this collection! Also, I found out that minimarket are soon to be collaborating with Sweden's answer for general pant and sportsgirl mixed together WEEKDAY.
I love how uber-60s this collection is, but at the same time its completely modern and wearable...genius! My favourite item is the white shirt in the first picture...drools. So femine and yet also structred. I would wear that in a heartbeat...if I could afford it.

au revoir.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

nom num,

Ballerina! My favourite Swedish sweet ever -Next comes marabou swersornott chocolate! I was practically raised on these little circles of love. Why a food post you ask? Why not.
Ballerina is...a layer of donut shaped chocolate biscuit, a layer of donut shaped shortbread biscuit, in between a layer of chocolate filling with that filling filling the donut. YUMMM.
I also though the hair was fitting for the sweet. Ballerina...ha ha ha ha. I am so punny.

au revoir.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


My good friend Ollie turned eighteen last week and had an epic theme party: stereotypes.
Izzie and I went as American tourists, clad with hawaiian shirts, straw hats and sock/sandal combinations, suffice to say we looked hot...haha. It was a lovely night.

Izzie and I.

My friends Noah ( as a type of stereo, rather than a stereotype with a sticker that says SONY under his jacket)and David (as a seedy frenchman complete with real baguettes and passion pop).

Saturday, July 25, 2009


I go back to school tomorrow. Not excited. The holidays were too short! I had a good one though. I wont be back in myhome until the end of next week and when I'm home I will have a lovely renovated house, next room.
Shirt: Sportsgirl.
Jeans: Cheap Monday.
Beret/beanie: mimco.
au revoir all.


My best friend Kate and I visited Paddington today, had a stroll through the markets, browsed in a few boutiques and I got this from the lovely MAKE UP STORE.
Witty name, no?
Glitter eyeshadow; colour: Aloe. Pumped to wear it.

I also got a bracelet with a fish on it, so cool. Au Revoir lovers.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Me chilling by the water, taken by my friend Kate.
I've been busy taking outfit photos, more soon.
au revoir.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

no goldielocks

Another swedish hair crush!

She has a cute swedish blog also, the google translate

tool can come in handy here :

Also, anyone know how I could give my blog more exposure, more readers? I am really bad with all that stuff and want my blog to be more recognised, take it to the next level, ya know?


Monday, July 20, 2009


Chilling on Mor Mor's stairs, wearing sportsgirl t-shirt, vintage vest and tights from myer.

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Lilac T-shirt + Grey slouchy vest +
Black tights =

SUNDAY brunch with my best friend Rachel.
au revoir.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


(Lovely Kate serving me tea, dressed as a frenchman...really...what else would one dress as?)
I went to American Aparrel yesterday to buy that skater dress I posted about back in march? May?...lets just say a long time ago. My lack of resources leads me to a post like this, mainly writing- sorry! I didn't end up getting the dress, maybe another day...I did however have fantastic luck at a thrift store that I regularly visit, I haven't been that lucky there since this time last year actually.I found the perfect tan oxfords I've been dreaming of for at least two years ( My first ever blog was about oxfords! Not here, but before this one I had a blog on myspace), a lilac shirt ( FINALLY) which is amusingly 80''s nylon. Enough said. And an epic pair of cotton pants which I will turn into shorts. Excitable endevour all in all...and a very good day with my best friends Thriza and Izzie.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I'm excited to wear my acid wash jeans, but I have not yet done so party because I badly need the hem taken up,the hem line of the jeans currently completely covers my foot and toes, and also I think because I'm feeling another case of fashionblock. I'm not too sure how to style them without looking plain and uninteresting without them looking just plain unflattering. Damn fashion rude it is! Maybe it is because I am currently( and for the next 2 weeks) staying at my grandmother's house as my house is undergoing renovations, I'm not really feeling inspired or like myself... Im not exposed to such fashionable people as usual and seeing as I have a daily allowance of about 10 minutes on the internet my usual blog reading is very diccicult. I've done some googleimages searching for ideas for outfits, I kinda like these ones: You?

Sunday, July 12, 2009

featherfleurette at F.B.I

Yesterday was a lovely sunday.
I attended a gig to save this pretty rad radio station from going under, and there was some great bands playing. My favourites were The Bennisons and Cloud Control, who were both sensational. (This headband was made by my best friend kate, she's way talented...this headband is hers, but she made one for me last year which was the basis for the name of my blog, for I am the feather flower girl, basically...also I am wearing a thrifted bag, denim vest and a black dress from Myer)
I was with some of my dear friends ( and I just realised-so many fellow bloggers!). These holidays are going to be good...I can just feel it now. Also, I finally got my cheap monday jeans! They're pretty sweet, can't wait to wear them, truly. For now- aurevoir.
Dear Harry and Olly (bloggers!

Hugh and Harry

My loves Samm and kate,looking beautiful as usual..Kate may be a little bit of a pedo...just a little

Thursday, July 9, 2009

cat eyes

My favourite eye make-up.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I won't actually get over wedges until I own some

These are amazing, amazing, AMAZING! and again...amazing, amazing, AMAZING!
The top two are from H&M and are actually rather affordable( as can be seen from the tan picture) but I can't find anywhere to buy them online! The lower two are also fantastic, and I have seen ones similar to them in a shop here, so maybe they will be purchased by moi...oh who knows, I don't really like them as much as the others, or the shoes from the first wedges post. grrrrr.


Monday, July 6, 2009

Peach or...not?

( Maise s/s 2009)
After interviewing the lovely Claire Greaves of Maise on Friday (for that website I spoke about a while ago that should be launching soon! When it does, I'll link it here, I promise) my love for Maise jeans has rekindled! At $244 AU exactly, I am still undecided on wether or not I should take the plunge!
They are perfectly fitting and they are ankle length for the models, meaning that they will be normal length jeans for me, being miniature sized and all. I really, really love the Sloane jean; the peach ones, they're my favorites, but I'm worried I would spend all this money on them and then never wear them....consequently I could get these darker Grey ones as I would probs wear them more, but I dont love them. I dont know! HELP!
I am also annoyed as my birthday was a week ago, I ordered and bought the Cheap Monday acid wash jeans over a month ago and I still has not arrived! I realise its being shipped from America but now I'm just getting worried! I hope they arrive really, really, really soon!
Here's the peach and dark Grey ones: The peach ones are so amaiseing!


I've been looking for a long, silver pendant and chain for a long time...I'm glad I found this one! I love it. Perfect with black shirts...rain drop shaped.


Friday, July 3, 2009

v e l v e t

I love love love velvet, I always have. In the past two years though I seem to have a slight obsession with it! Despite this, I actually only have one velvet dress and two velvet skirts; I've always wanted a vintage velvet jacket but this dress from Topshop I have been dreaming about! Its roughly $200 Australian dollars, so a little excessive...but it so perfect, I love it! Good winter dress indeed, heres some velvet-y inspiration:

The Topshop dress:

From Lisaplace:

(the third dress is velvet divinity)