Sunday, July 12, 2009

featherfleurette at F.B.I

Yesterday was a lovely sunday.
I attended a gig to save this pretty rad radio station from going under, and there was some great bands playing. My favourites were The Bennisons and Cloud Control, who were both sensational. (This headband was made by my best friend kate, she's way talented...this headband is hers, but she made one for me last year which was the basis for the name of my blog, for I am the feather flower girl, basically...also I am wearing a thrifted bag, denim vest and a black dress from Myer)
I was with some of my dear friends ( and I just realised-so many fellow bloggers!). These holidays are going to be good...I can just feel it now. Also, I finally got my cheap monday jeans! They're pretty sweet, can't wait to wear them, truly. For now- aurevoir.
Dear Harry and Olly (bloggers!

Hugh and Harry

My loves Samm and kate,looking beautiful as usual..Kate may be a little bit of a pedo...just a little


L'Coquier said...

Man, I'm white.

Stono Caves said...

Was lovely seeing you there! It's a shame we didn't catch each other from the start of the show.