Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I'm excited to wear my acid wash jeans, but I have not yet done so party because I badly need the hem taken up,the hem line of the jeans currently completely covers my foot and toes, and also I think because I'm feeling another case of fashionblock. I'm not too sure how to style them without looking plain and uninteresting without them looking just plain unflattering. Damn fashion block...how rude it is! Maybe it is because I am currently( and for the next 2 weeks) staying at my grandmother's house as my house is undergoing renovations, I'm not really feeling inspired or like myself... Im not exposed to such fashionable people as usual and seeing as I have a daily allowance of about 10 minutes on the internet my usual blog reading is very diccicult. I've done some googleimages searching for ideas for outfits, I kinda like these ones: You?

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