Monday, July 6, 2009

Peach or...not?

( Maise s/s 2009)
After interviewing the lovely Claire Greaves of Maise on Friday (for that website I spoke about a while ago that should be launching soon! When it does, I'll link it here, I promise) my love for Maise jeans has rekindled! At $244 AU exactly, I am still undecided on wether or not I should take the plunge!
They are perfectly fitting and they are ankle length for the models, meaning that they will be normal length jeans for me, being miniature sized and all. I really, really love the Sloane jean; the peach ones, they're my favorites, but I'm worried I would spend all this money on them and then never wear them....consequently I could get these darker Grey ones as I would probs wear them more, but I dont love them. I dont know! HELP!
I am also annoyed as my birthday was a week ago, I ordered and bought the Cheap Monday acid wash jeans over a month ago and I still has not arrived! I realise its being shipped from America but now I'm just getting worried! I hope they arrive really, really, really soon!
Here's the peach and dark Grey ones: The peach ones are so amaiseing!


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sharpie said...

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Anonymous said...

seriously, those are beyond epic. (:

fathobie said...

peach is lame! grey all the way! And i found a store in newtown that have acid wash cheap mondays, pretty cool!