Thursday, July 16, 2009


(Lovely Kate serving me tea, dressed as a frenchman...really...what else would one dress as?)
I went to American Aparrel yesterday to buy that skater dress I posted about back in march? May?...lets just say a long time ago. My lack of resources leads me to a post like this, mainly writing- sorry! I didn't end up getting the dress, maybe another day...I did however have fantastic luck at a thrift store that I regularly visit, I haven't been that lucky there since this time last year actually.I found the perfect tan oxfords I've been dreaming of for at least two years ( My first ever blog was about oxfords! Not here, but before this one I had a blog on myspace), a lilac shirt ( FINALLY) which is amusingly 80''s nylon. Enough said. And an epic pair of cotton pants which I will turn into shorts. Excitable endevour all in all...and a very good day with my best friends Thriza and Izzie.

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