Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Lula leaks !

l u l a is l o v e
Here's some editorials from the newest issue of Lula, which should make it's way to Australia soon hopefully! I like the twenty-ish romantic look about it! excited!

Monday, September 28, 2009


♥ p a s t e l b r i g h t s ♥ :

Bright pastels? Is there such a thing I hear you ask...but I am here to say yes, why yes there is. And I am utterly IN LOVE with them. I have recently been seeing a whole lot of them popping up, everywhere from Lookbook(1st picture) to Italian vogue ( 2nd picture)to the runways of innovative and amazing designers such as Dries Van Noten (bottom two pics) and Chloe. Its not only the colours of these looks that I am smitten with (I am particularly in love with the neon-yet-muted Lilac and salmon colours), but it also the amazing relaxed tailoring of all the garments which I love. It's just a look that appeals to me. I dress very femininely and I have always done so, so this draped and whimsical take on tailored masculinity is really up my alley. I just think those pants (GASP!), blouses and blazers are perfection! I love how they look so comfortable and yet also so elegant and chic. I would love to know what that fabric is also, I think it's a silk? Im not sure, but it looks absolutely gorgeous to wear. I hope the Australian chain stores take to copying the big designers and pick up this trend...AH! The pants are amazing, amazing, amazing, they're so understated and pretty, I want some!
au revoir.

Friday, September 25, 2009

fivehundreddaysofsummer :

Last week I watched the movie 500 days of Summer. It was quite amazing in my opinion, although I know it got mixed reviews from people. I basically saw it because I am in love with Zooey Deschanel. She is my favourite actress, I love her band She and him and I love her style! I also happen to find Joseph Gordon-Levitt to be quite the handsome lad. I must admit that a huge factor for me being so drawn to this movie was my 'celebrity crush' ( how lame!) Matthew Grey Gubler all I can say is: babe. He is one of the most beautiful things to grace our screens (he's in criminal minds also, I hate all crime related shows, but I watch that one just to see him) and hes so quirky and off center, he's just a dreamboat. no?

...Anyway, now to actually talking about the movie, not about it stars. It was adorable and charming and funny too! I did however, kind of dislike both of the main characters, I mean Joseph's character is far too whiney for my liking. He spends the movie blaming Zooey's character, Summer, for their break up where he really walked into it himself. I think his love for her was kind of superficial, I think he was more in love with the idea of attaining someone who is unattainable. And Summer is a little strange, and not in a good way. She's just hard to understand and shes unpredictable, she's too harsh and cold. Wow, it sounds as if I hated it. But I really, really loved it- it was funny and smart and just cute. I also loved Zooey's wardrobe in the movie, she wears beautiful powder-blue vintage sundresses and 50's prom dresses, so amazing!
I suggest watching this clip from the move- it's so funny!
au revoir!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

T H I R D S :

Pictures from Tuesday. My best friends Izzie and Thirza came over, we watched Skins, drank Boost and ate sushi :)

Im wearing everything vintage.

Thirza and Izzie

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

London fashion week

L U E L L A ♥ 2010 R/T/W.

Is my favourite from London fashion week. I may be a little bias considering Luella is one of my favourite fashion houses ever. I love how vintage inspired the collection is. The silhouettes are reminiscent of early/mid sixties silhouettes; with fitted bodices and circle skirts. I love the prints, too! The whole collection could be described as refined femininity with that youthful, colourful Luella touch that the label is so famous for.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

last week

G o o d o l d Australian p a s t i m e s :(greg, david, ollie and Tom have a battle in the pool while olivia lies on the floor)
(izzie and David doing their best "Howard moon" from the mighty Boosh impression)
(Tom, Samm and greg)
(me: I'm wearing t-shirt from myer, white shorts from vinnies, and necklases from a little asian boutique)(me, samm, Greg and David)
Last week, one of my best friends Samm has a barbeque at her house. It was a 30 degree day, so swimming was involved. It was one of those perfect pre-summer days that called for little clothing and photography with over-exposure. It was a nice little gathering, good friends, good company, good day.
au revoir.

Friday, September 18, 2009

i s s u e n i n e

L u l a i s s u e n i n e !

Here's the post, as promised. To the right is the new Lula cover which...yeah, slightly creepy, no?
I do however, love the dress/top the model is wearing. Lula always finds a way to have gorgeous feminine whimsical prints or colours without making the entire look appear super girly-girly, a trait I really admire. They've done it on the cover by having a heart printed garment, but in black. I love it.
The stills below are from the short film "spell" on the Lula website, and the still pictures are just as pretty as the actual film.
I have actually fallen in love with the black/white polka dot knee-high stockings, seen below on Sarah Sophie Flicker. They're a step up from the heart-print stockings I've been dreaming of, I wonder where these are from?
Because I want them.

AU revoir

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Inspired by LULA:

L U L A ... l u l a ! L U L A :
I have recently across news that the new Lula magazine is coming out! From what I've gathered, the mood for this issue is a mix between 60s darkness, dreamy romanticism and etheral-ness. Basically, LULA down to a T. But this issue is kind of a rebellion to the last spring/summer issue (that was filled with lilac, bows and Luella's majestic creations) creating a darker, more foreboding tone than ususal, similar to the issue preceding the s/s 09 zine.
I get this vibe from Lula's new website which I'll admit I check often to see if the new issue has been published, only to often be greeted with a "the Lula team is working hard to get this website up and running" but last time I checked, I struck gold. The website has a few things uploaded, it has the cover of the new issue ( which truthfully I am not really a fan of, the model kind of creeps me out, not in a mysterious dark-Lula belle way, but simply in...well, a creepy way); the titles of the articles and a few links to short films related to the issue.

The most fantastic thing about the website is the short film called 'spell', which can only be described as perfect. It's beautiful cinematography and styling ( the film is styled by Leith Clarke, editor-in-chief of LULA) makes me so excited for the new issue, if it's anything like the film, the issue will be the best yet. I suggest watching it a few times, I did. The beauty is insurmountable, it's just magic. I'll try and post a few stills from the film in another post, when I come across them, but for the meantime watch it here CHECK.
After watching it, seeing all the beautiful fashionista-nymphs with their flower crowns made me feel like cracking out my own and take a few Lula-inspired nymph like photos of my own. I must admit, I do kinda like the nymph girls better before they are put under the spell, but I won't ruin the ending!
au revoir ♥

Monday, September 14, 2009


E R I N f e a t h e r s t o n e and N a r a

"Erin Featherston's mood board for Spring recalled memories of a childhood trip to Nara, Japan, where a public park houses more than a thousand free-roaming deer and a multitude of cherry trees. Even for Fetherston, who's known for her fantastical bent, the images of spindly-legged Bambi's surrounded by carpets of pink petals seemed to be from another world." STYLE.COM
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this collection, presumably because its so poignant to me! Nara is this amazing little suburb-type thing in Osaka which I visited on the first day I was in Japan! Some photos from Nara are in this POST... but for this post I took a bad photo of a photo of my host girl Mari and I. fuck I miss her. Them. I miss Japan! This aside, I can completely see how one would become inspired by Nara, it is japan in a nutshell. Thousands of temples, cherry blossoms, gardens with ponds with Koi and turtles, heaps of little souvenir shops filled with beautiful things, and the food! Wow. In the photo, you can kind of see me holding a cup in front of the cherry blossoms. For anyone who has ever read/seen Memoirs of a Geisha-that's right, I re-created it, having raspberry crushed ice in front of cherry blossoms. I even saw a geisha at Nara, scurrying out of her little car into a tea house.
I love how Featherstone-esuqe the clothes are, the subtle hints of the deer and the cherry blossoms tie the collection together beautifully. The cherry blossom print looks lovely on the dark navy chiffon dress, the navy dress with the sheer, sequined sections is pure magic and the bow motifs are just girly enough to be called beautiful, not sickly sweet. So once again, Ms.Featherstone, I bow to you and your creative genius.

perfect Lennon's

sunglasses: CREAM vintage, Newtown.

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Me being the epic list person that I am, have a little tradition of making seasonal lists of items I either need, or really, really want. Since Spring has only just Sprung (My friend Claire's favourite saying) the list is considerably shorter than previous lists found in older blogs, but thus far I have concluded I would like to purchase:
heart-print Nylons!
They're so pretty, they may be a bit warm for the Australian summer...but there's always spring, right?
denim/chambray collared shirt!
Again, may be a little warm, but I've been wanting one for ages now and I think its time to get one. They work so well with a lot, I love this outfit from Modereiter.devote.se:
Velvet ballet flats!
O.K so maybe this isn't really a summer list, more of a tri-seasonal one, but I saw someone a while ago wearing a pair of velvet ballet flats and I thought "what a magical idea!". I had seriously never thought of making ballet flats out of velvet before, but now I have an idea of beautiful navy ones in my head. A pair of ballet flats is kinda what I need currently, I only have one pair from Japan- they are black, multi strapped, so it takes me ten minutes to even get into them!

a plain white t-shirt...with a pocket!

Alright so this one is actually the most summer-ey of them all, but its another thing I've been wanting for a while...this one has a black pocket and collar trim, but I would prefer just a fully white one with a white pocket. It would be so lovely, clean and simple.

That's all for now, au revoir!

B&W moon

This is my favourite "bad tourist" T-shirt. It's actually very cool though, quite hippy-like I would say...I'm kinda feeling that vibe for summer for me. Lots of braids, feathers, flowers, bracelets, brown leather and long, wavy hair. Basically what I was into last summer, strange how that happens! I do apologize for my lack of quality blogging of late, I've just kind of been finding some pretty inspiration and posting it without much detail or explanation of why I find said pictures so fantastic. Probably because I am about to enter end of year exams...once again, sorry!
I will endeavor to provide you guys with quality blogging, lots of summer inspiration and outfit posts!
au revoir.