Saturday, September 12, 2009


Me being the epic list person that I am, have a little tradition of making seasonal lists of items I either need, or really, really want. Since Spring has only just Sprung (My friend Claire's favourite saying) the list is considerably shorter than previous lists found in older blogs, but thus far I have concluded I would like to purchase:
heart-print Nylons!
They're so pretty, they may be a bit warm for the Australian summer...but there's always spring, right?
denim/chambray collared shirt!
Again, may be a little warm, but I've been wanting one for ages now and I think its time to get one. They work so well with a lot, I love this outfit from
Velvet ballet flats!
O.K so maybe this isn't really a summer list, more of a tri-seasonal one, but I saw someone a while ago wearing a pair of velvet ballet flats and I thought "what a magical idea!". I had seriously never thought of making ballet flats out of velvet before, but now I have an idea of beautiful navy ones in my head. A pair of ballet flats is kinda what I need currently, I only have one pair from Japan- they are black, multi strapped, so it takes me ten minutes to even get into them!

a plain white t-shirt...with a pocket!

Alright so this one is actually the most summer-ey of them all, but its another thing I've been wanting for a while...this one has a black pocket and collar trim, but I would prefer just a fully white one with a white pocket. It would be so lovely, clean and simple.

That's all for now, au revoir!

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