Friday, September 18, 2009

i s s u e n i n e

L u l a i s s u e n i n e !

Here's the post, as promised. To the right is the new Lula cover which...yeah, slightly creepy, no?
I do however, love the dress/top the model is wearing. Lula always finds a way to have gorgeous feminine whimsical prints or colours without making the entire look appear super girly-girly, a trait I really admire. They've done it on the cover by having a heart printed garment, but in black. I love it.
The stills below are from the short film "spell" on the Lula website, and the still pictures are just as pretty as the actual film.
I have actually fallen in love with the black/white polka dot knee-high stockings, seen below on Sarah Sophie Flicker. They're a step up from the heart-print stockings I've been dreaming of, I wonder where these are from?
Because I want them.

AU revoir

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