Friday, September 25, 2009

fivehundreddaysofsummer :

Last week I watched the movie 500 days of Summer. It was quite amazing in my opinion, although I know it got mixed reviews from people. I basically saw it because I am in love with Zooey Deschanel. She is my favourite actress, I love her band She and him and I love her style! I also happen to find Joseph Gordon-Levitt to be quite the handsome lad. I must admit that a huge factor for me being so drawn to this movie was my 'celebrity crush' ( how lame!) Matthew Grey Gubler all I can say is: babe. He is one of the most beautiful things to grace our screens (he's in criminal minds also, I hate all crime related shows, but I watch that one just to see him) and hes so quirky and off center, he's just a dreamboat. no?

...Anyway, now to actually talking about the movie, not about it stars. It was adorable and charming and funny too! I did however, kind of dislike both of the main characters, I mean Joseph's character is far too whiney for my liking. He spends the movie blaming Zooey's character, Summer, for their break up where he really walked into it himself. I think his love for her was kind of superficial, I think he was more in love with the idea of attaining someone who is unattainable. And Summer is a little strange, and not in a good way. She's just hard to understand and shes unpredictable, she's too harsh and cold. Wow, it sounds as if I hated it. But I really, really loved it- it was funny and smart and just cute. I also loved Zooey's wardrobe in the movie, she wears beautiful powder-blue vintage sundresses and 50's prom dresses, so amazing!
I suggest watching this clip from the move- it's so funny!
au revoir!


Vanitylife said...

ahhh have you seen matthews website/art he is amazing.. iv been in love withhim for like ever! just amazing

The Beautiful And Glammed said...

Sweet Disposition, obsessed, sucha pretty film and soundtrack. Check out youtube or Nylon guys for extra they filmed, amazing! x

Jessic∆ Kirsch said...

i loved that movie!