Monday, September 14, 2009


E R I N f e a t h e r s t o n e and N a r a

"Erin Featherston's mood board for Spring recalled memories of a childhood trip to Nara, Japan, where a public park houses more than a thousand free-roaming deer and a multitude of cherry trees. Even for Fetherston, who's known for her fantastical bent, the images of spindly-legged Bambi's surrounded by carpets of pink petals seemed to be from another world." STYLE.COM
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this collection, presumably because its so poignant to me! Nara is this amazing little suburb-type thing in Osaka which I visited on the first day I was in Japan! Some photos from Nara are in this POST... but for this post I took a bad photo of a photo of my host girl Mari and I. fuck I miss her. Them. I miss Japan! This aside, I can completely see how one would become inspired by Nara, it is japan in a nutshell. Thousands of temples, cherry blossoms, gardens with ponds with Koi and turtles, heaps of little souvenir shops filled with beautiful things, and the food! Wow. In the photo, you can kind of see me holding a cup in front of the cherry blossoms. For anyone who has ever read/seen Memoirs of a Geisha-that's right, I re-created it, having raspberry crushed ice in front of cherry blossoms. I even saw a geisha at Nara, scurrying out of her little car into a tea house.
I love how Featherstone-esuqe the clothes are, the subtle hints of the deer and the cherry blossoms tie the collection together beautifully. The cherry blossom print looks lovely on the dark navy chiffon dress, the navy dress with the sheer, sequined sections is pure magic and the bow motifs are just girly enough to be called beautiful, not sickly sweet. So once again, Ms.Featherstone, I bow to you and your creative genius.

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