Thursday, September 17, 2009

Inspired by LULA:

L U L A ... l u l a ! L U L A :
I have recently across news that the new Lula magazine is coming out! From what I've gathered, the mood for this issue is a mix between 60s darkness, dreamy romanticism and etheral-ness. Basically, LULA down to a T. But this issue is kind of a rebellion to the last spring/summer issue (that was filled with lilac, bows and Luella's majestic creations) creating a darker, more foreboding tone than ususal, similar to the issue preceding the s/s 09 zine.
I get this vibe from Lula's new website which I'll admit I check often to see if the new issue has been published, only to often be greeted with a "the Lula team is working hard to get this website up and running" but last time I checked, I struck gold. The website has a few things uploaded, it has the cover of the new issue ( which truthfully I am not really a fan of, the model kind of creeps me out, not in a mysterious dark-Lula belle way, but simply in...well, a creepy way); the titles of the articles and a few links to short films related to the issue.

The most fantastic thing about the website is the short film called 'spell', which can only be described as perfect. It's beautiful cinematography and styling ( the film is styled by Leith Clarke, editor-in-chief of LULA) makes me so excited for the new issue, if it's anything like the film, the issue will be the best yet. I suggest watching it a few times, I did. The beauty is insurmountable, it's just magic. I'll try and post a few stills from the film in another post, when I come across them, but for the meantime watch it here CHECK.
After watching it, seeing all the beautiful fashionista-nymphs with their flower crowns made me feel like cracking out my own and take a few Lula-inspired nymph like photos of my own. I must admit, I do kinda like the nymph girls better before they are put under the spell, but I won't ruin the ending!
au revoir ♥